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    Absolute Top Speed of the SC. What can it do?

    Yeah, with the 460 I don’t think HP will be a problem. However, 6K rpm will definitely be in the yellow as it will not be a high rpm performance build. More for cruising around and those summer fair weather hiway runs. 2 plane intake for smooth bottom end.
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    Absolute Top Speed of the SC. What can it do?

    Huh. Anyone run factory rear gears (2.73) behind a T56? Unfortunately, I don’t know anywhere up here that it would be 1) safe to run at those speeds 2) Troopers here have no qualms about laying spike strips. Lots of lllooooonnnnnggg hiways, but Motorola gets a SAT boost link. Damn, that’s...
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    Tubular K-Member (Round 2)

    Been away for a while. Trying to get my ‘93 in the new garage here in “Land of the midnight sun” to get started going through it nose to tail. Swapping front and rear hubs to 5x4.5, larger rotors all around and new wheels and tires. Get the new bbf intake EFI conversion done. Get the block into...
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    Switching ABS to Conventional.

    As mentioned above, if your engine doesn’t build a lot of vac when idling, or when engine braking, you might need an electric vacuum pump to get the minimum vac. When I rebuilt the brake system on my wife’s H2 after a braking failure (one cracked front line, both rear line were weeping bad). In...
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    T56 swap discussion/questions

    I also went with the now obsolete McLeod bell and 1/2” spacer. Also had bronze sleeve made for the crank hub to fit the GM pilot bearing (using an LS1 T56). Despite having an LS1 input & output, the clutch adapter (trans front plate) turned out to be a Viper/Camaro Retrofit. it clocked the slave...
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    Super charger top removal

    Do the spark plugs from under the car. Use the red anaerobic sealer for the top. do not RTV. Making a ‘spanner’ is not hard, cut a hardened piece of 1/4” steel in a matching arc with a tab at the end of the arc. Then cut a 3/8 or 1/2” square (for breaker bar) in the other end.
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    Members in Alaska?

    Just moved up here this summer. Looking to get with SC owners here. Am in the Wasilla area. MikeH
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    The New And Improved Sccone Member List

    Moved to the other side of the country! talonhead - Mike Handley - SE-CT - . It was to communicate with the folks on here while I was in CT. About 40 minutes north of Anchorage, AK. Haven’t seen any SC’s here yet. But, Ram Megacabs and H2’s (I have one of each along with my...
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    big block install

    I posted this on the other bbf thread Haven’t decided to go with front or side throttle, so no top.
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    DIY Supercharger Plenum Nut Spanner Wrench Files This is similar to what I use.
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    Bringing a few parts with me to VC

    Stopping in Oxnard, Ventura County in about 2 weeks. Have a custom aluminum radiator that was in my ‘93 and a McLeod bell housing for T-56 swap on V6 and push rod sbf’s. Bell housing was used for setup only. Shifted to bbf/T-56. Radiator is 3” thick 2 rows of 1” tubes and fan guard using OEM...
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    Moving need to get rid of a bunch of parts - mostly NIB

    Only things left is the bell housing and radiator. Leaving Friday, heading to CA before AK.
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    Does a big block really exist,? look on....

    Well it’s not running yet, and I’m almost ready to move, but I thought I’d post a pic.
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    DIY Supercharger Plenum Nut Spanner Wrench Files

    Get a spanner wrench like they use on fire hoses and grind the hook to fit the grooves. That’s what I have. We used the same style in the shipyard for waterside electrical connector ‘nuts’, both types have a hinge in the middle for use on a certain size range. Just for those that don’t have...
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    Finally pulled one of the heads off! So I have questions:

    DON’T reuse your head bolts! That are 1 time use. With the stud kit it’s all good. When I blew the left side gasket, i had to replace it twice! This was before I got the studs, so that a couple of sets for the whole job because I removed both heads and cleaned up. Had to take them to have them...
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    Improving cooling, better aux rad or removing oil cooler lines to its own system?

    Hey Recardo, got an custom aluminum radiator by mike38sc years ago. Was on the car for 3 years. Fabbed a fan guard using the OEM fan. 3” thick with 2 rows of 1” tubes. Had to put cardboard in front to maintain temperature. I’m leaving CT end of this week though. Pm me if you think you want it...
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    ‘93 SC Parts for sale Southeast CT Updated

    Found an ARP head stud kit to add to the pile.
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    Moving need to get rid of a bunch of parts - mostly NIB

    Make a deal for someone willing to come to Southeast CT. Lots of new engine rebuild parts. T56 conversion parts: McLeod SC clutch & pp for LS1 T56, McLeod SBF/V6 to T56 bell housing. Custom radiator by old member Mike38SC with OEM motor/fan in stainless Shroud that I fabricated. SC flywheel...
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    OEM flywheel specs

    It is used. Came off my ‘93 SC. Was resurfaced a couple of years ago, never reinstalled. Been sitting in my furnace room gathering dust. Wanna make a trip to CT? Gotta be in the next week or so. Cuz as soon as both houses close, I’m outta here!
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    OEM flywheel specs

    Thanks for the info. Now maybe I can get rid of it