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    1994 Black 5-spd $8000

    Put it on bring a trailer. Much bigger audience.
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    Holy Grail - 144 Mile 35th Anniversary 5 Speed near Seattle - $47,500.00

    I doubt it brings that much. Like to see what it could do on Bring a trailer but they probably wouldn't list it because he wanted such a stupid high reserve.
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    One-owner 1990 35th Anniversary SC

    I understand I'm too late but what was the price so I know how upset I should be.
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    Sudden high idle

    If the throttle is closed and it's revving up it either has to be iac or vacuum leak. Somethhas to let air in. Probably iac.
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    1995 SC 5 Speed Blue/Grey

    What is the original color of the car. Does it have the original block and transmission? How extensive are the mods. I'm really looking for a clean stock low mileage 95 stick, but would consider this.
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    95 SC 5speed on iaai auction (tx)

    They require a dealer license to buy from them.
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    95 SC 5speed on iaai auction (tx)

    I'm in Houston and I'm interested in this. How does it work with them? Can I see the vehicle in person before the auction? I'll call them Monday too and get registered to bid. I had 93 super coupe stick and a 94 v8 thunderbird in my youth.
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    1995 Thunderbird SC 5 speed (rare bird)

    This is a new user that just joined 7 days ago. Be sure to do your due diligence in verifying the car exist and is real before you send any money.
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    what would u say abouit 87

    If you can't afford premium you can't afford a supercoupe. These are not reliable cheap daily drivers. Get a camry and move on.
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    90 SC Offerup--

    Interior is well worn. Makes me question the miles
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    Super Coupe wanted

    What's the details on your 94?