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    Pistons & rods. Any other internals

    Are you still looking for this stuff. im from i near indiana, pa
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    stock intercoolers

    i have a bunch of stock supercoupe intercoolers. i'm guessing between 5 and 10. i will check if anyone is interested. $75 each. thanks, jeff
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    Mustang 17" Cobra R wheels and tires

    i have a set of four mustang Cobra R rims with tires. the tires are kuhmo ecsta stp tires size is 245/40zr17. the bolt pattern is 5x4.5". they should also fit ford rangers, jeep wranglers, ford bronco ii's. maybe ford explorers, etc. they are in excellent shape. you won't be disappointed. $700...
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    Craig's List, 1990 Anniverary Edition $800

    no, the pictures i saw it was parked on a street.
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    Craig's List, 1990 Anniverary Edition $800

    i'm not sure who got it. the craigslist ad was misleading. it said no title, but later on said he could get the title in the ad. it also needed a transmission. when i spoke to him, it became evident that there was very little chance of getting the title, the guy he bought it from couldn't...
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    1993 Thunderbird SC 96K Super Clean Perfect Tweed

    the comments were directed (sarcastically) in regards to jjp90sc. I still think that car was a very good deal based on the condition shown in the pictures for the price it was listed for sale. unfortunately, you're going to have to put a little more money into it now. if you end up...
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    Craig's List, 1990 Anniverary Edition $800

    haha. i also had contacted him. he's only half an hour away from me.
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    1993 Thunderbird SC 96K Super Clean Perfect Tweed

    A cracked radiator alone does not lead to head gasket failure.:rolleyes:....Obviously, when the engine temperature started to rise or antifreeze could be smelled the car should have been shutdown and towed. A cheap radiator would have saved alot of money.
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    1993 Thunderbird SC 96K Super Clean Perfect Tweed

    If I want something (bad enough) I have often worked around the sellers schedule and the notaries schedule, especially to coordinate doing the title transfer from out of state.
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    94SC 5spd, possibly 1 of 2 known to exist

    any pictures? what kind of shape is it in? anything wrong with it?
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    Body Parts

    what's your location?
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    i may have one.
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    Well, went ahead and bought me another SC (its teal...shhh) PIX

    i have a 1993 teal 5 speed. no engine in it though. kind of wierd it had paint peel and some surface rust, but no real deep typical pennsylvania rust. it has some kind of hawaii sticker on it so i'm assuming that is why it has surface rust from the saltwater after the clear coat failed.
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    motor plate

    auto or 5 speed. i can't remember offhand if they are the same or different.
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    sc thermostat housing

    i have a sc thermostat housing. $30 shipped to the lower 48 states. thanks, jeff
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    Black hood for 1989-93

    i'm pretty sure i have a decent black one. i'm on the other side of indiana.
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    WTB motor/pump (abs)

    i have a complete unit i was saving as a spare.
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    '90 SC 5-speed project car in Pittsburgh, PA- Need Gone ASAP!!

    any engine bay pics? more interior pics? auto or 5 speed? jeff
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    89 Blower bypass vacuum valve

    i have one for $43 shipped. jeff
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    broken exhaust manifold studs

    what's the easiest way to remove a broken off stud in the exhaust manifold so i can bolt back up my exhaust? i'm assuming i need to pull the exhaust manifold off the engine and drill it out or something. any tips? thanks, jeff