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  1. Jimmy 2Coupes

    Couple 94-95 parts

    Was the gauge cluster bezel black and in decent condition? If so I'd definitely be interested in that and possibly the gauge cluster as well.
  2. Jimmy 2Coupes

    94 95 Gauge cluster bezel

    Looking for a black gauge cluster bezel in good condition for a 94/5 SC.
  3. Jimmy 2Coupes

    93 SC parts car for sale

  4. Jimmy 2Coupes

    Where to buy motor mounts for 92 SC

    Get the solid mounts from Bill at
  5. Jimmy 2Coupes

    What are my options for shocks?

    I'd like to stay with the OE shocks also. I hope you can make this happen.
  6. Jimmy 2Coupes

    JMOD questions... help for 94-95 trans...

    Go to the forums on and look for “TCCoA old homepage content”. On that page you'll find “Transmission articles”. Under transmission articles you'll find “Ford Overdrive Transmissions 101”. It's a long read but the detailed instructions for the J-Mod are under “Modifying The Main...
  7. Jimmy 2Coupes

    Any interest in 2022 Calendar?

  8. Jimmy 2Coupes

    Looking for old Thunderbird LX SC technical link

    Your first link worked. It's under Super Coupe Club of America > SC Literature > SC Specs. Thanks
  9. Jimmy 2Coupes

    Looking for old Thunderbird LX SC technical link

    There was a link on the old home page to specific year Thunderbirds (LX V6, V8, and SC} with a wealth of factory ford technical information for each model and years 89-95 I believe. I cant remember if it was under FAG's SC Literature, or Links but there was a lot of information in the link. Is...
  10. Jimmy 2Coupes

    Just picked up one of my dream cars from my childhood.

    Congratulations and welcome to the club. Looks like it's in very good condition.
  11. Jimmy 2Coupes

    1989 Thunderbird sc won't crank over

    Disregard this post. I was thinking of something else.
  12. Jimmy 2Coupes

    New 90’ XR7 owner from Indiana.

    Nice!!! You don't see many of those especially manuals.
  13. Jimmy 2Coupes

    wtb 93-95 SC stock wheels and tires

    I have a set of four 94 SC wheels in very good condition with bridgestone tires in excellent condition. Also pretty close to you in Adrian Michigan.
  14. Jimmy 2Coupes

    1995 SC transmission filter

    I agree with BLOWN 38, 96+pan and filter. The only thing I'd add is got one that also has a drain plug.
  15. Jimmy 2Coupes

    Dennis Collins barn find cougars

    Pretty cool. I wonder if the XR7 is a five speed.
  16. Jimmy 2Coupes

    2020 Calendar is Ready!

    Just ordered one. Thanks Jim
  17. Jimmy 2Coupes

    94 gears fit a 90?

    If it's a five speed SC it came from the factory with LSD, POSI, or whatever you want to call it. Ford calls it Trac-Lok. Might be a good idea to rebuild it though.
  18. Jimmy 2Coupes

    2020 Calendar

    I am most definitely in for a calendar this year. In fact I have a couple of pictures I'd like to submit.
  19. Jimmy 2Coupes

    How fast?

    I did 135 mph in my 95 5-speed SC late one night on a straight stretch of US 23 coming from Toledo Ohio headed back into Michigan. The car was still pulling hard but I got out of it anyway. The wind noise was insane.
  20. Jimmy 2Coupes

    What other cars do you own?

    1994 Ford Thunderbird SC Automatic 1995 Ford Thunderbird SC 5 speed manual 1997 Ford F250 Heavy Duty 351 Automatic (for sale) 2003 Ford Ranger 4.0 FX4 5 speed manual (daily driver) 2013 Ford F150 5.0 FX4 Automatic 2013 Ford Edge 3.5 AWD Automatic (wife's car)