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  1. XxSlowpokexX

    Mustang RIm Offset Questions

    Revisiting this post and RIco is still just as cranky :)~
  2. XxSlowpokexX

    Finally Joined

    In case you may ever want to keep the intake under he hood I have a sn95 cobra intake available. I also have an sn95 5.0 vortech kit as well :O)
  3. XxSlowpokexX

    UHMW IRS Sub-Frame Mount Kits

    Even when Doug started hanging out with the lincoln guys at Carlisle, Hed find me or id find him. Was a great guy especially once you got to know him.
  4. XxSlowpokexX

    Plug and play LED headlights

    I currently have HID in my SC and was thinking about this move. David did you have HID prior to? Looking for some comparison
  5. XxSlowpokexX

    93 twin turbo thunderbird

    Ken. Where in NY are ya?
  6. XxSlowpokexX

    The revamp of my 1995 SC

    The issue I had with my MP was that a blown head gasket ballooned the tubes on my expensive aluminum radiator. My car ran hotter than normal even with good spall fans. Had no idea till I sold it and the guy that bought it mentioned the tube issue. I gave him some kind of a refund. Cant recall...
  7. XxSlowpokexX

    Billet Brake Reservoir Caps

    Id definitely like a black anodized replica
  8. XxSlowpokexX

    Muffler Recommendation

    Dynomax ultraflow...Sound and flow wise..They also make a perforated x pipe muffler. The combo is awesome
  9. XxSlowpokexX

    Finally got my new SC

    Gary WHO???????? I went with a 2004 XJR as I like the more classic jaguar look...Well that and a 2.6 litter kenne bell:O)
  10. XxSlowpokexX

    1993 sc w/37k miles, should I restore and sell, keep, or sell as is?

    As has been mentioned (Tims a good guys, sometimes) Be patient. Set a goal. Ive owned several SC's and I always set a goal. Usually its an Im a cheap bastard goal and lets see what I can get for cheap. After that its all in. So If you are fully happy with 100 more hp and not blowing the...
  11. XxSlowpokexX

    The revamp of my 1995 SC

    FINALLY!..Nice going guys!
  12. XxSlowpokexX

    2017 Carlisle All Ford Schow

    Funny thing is I have my SC!
  13. XxSlowpokexX

    1993 sc w/37k miles, should I restore and sell, keep, or sell as is?

    Ok I see where this is coming from. Bottomline a realistic rwhp Number which is closer to the 400 hp you may be looking for can be had without breaking the bank. 400RWHP Will not be obtained easily or cheaply however 300-325rwhp is. And that's a fun number in an SC for sure. Just keep in...
  14. XxSlowpokexX

    1993 ugly p.o.s. sc with 37k miles highest offer takes it.

    I'm surprised no support as we love these cars. Parts to restore aren't all that expensive. And in stock form its a good ride. Me however I don't do stock. Even if you keep a realistic goal in mind an extra 100 rwhp isn't all that expensive. Car may be a bit beat up but doesn't seem like...
  15. XxSlowpokexX

    2017 Carlisle All Ford Schow

    Ill be there in Spirit
  16. XxSlowpokexX

    1993 ugly p.o.s. sc with 37k miles highest offer takes it.

    Perhaps the worst for sale ad ever. I'd hate to see what you think of the next car you own lol
  17. XxSlowpokexX

    Thunderbird/Camaro f/s interesting!

    1994 SC rear bumper and side skirts molded in may have worked a bit better? lol I talked to this guy a few years back
  18. XxSlowpokexX

    2017 Non Official Carlisle Thread

    Hey all, Sorry for being MIA but life has been super hectic and I doubt highly Ill be attending Carlisle this year. Don't thick I've missed one since 2003...Ill SURELY make next year and be on the ball...But so far not good for a visit. Ill miss yall !