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    Surprise AZ (West side of the Phoenix metro area). I'm happy to show it whenever you are available.
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    Reach me at Located in Phoenix Arizona Metro. Teriffic long distance driver that can burn rubber in every geer!
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    I’m preparing to sell my second owner 5 speed 89 cougar Xr7. The original owner didn’t like black, so he had the dealer change the color to dark blue. I’ve gone through the car mechanically to maintain its originality as a true 1 of 1. I have replaced the electronic shocks with manual, and...
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    90 Cougar XR-7

    Have you tried Steele rubber? They are a bit pricey but they may have the parts you need.
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    Need a radiator for a 1990 SC with automatic transmission

    I have a used radiator for a manual sc/Xr7 but it needs rebuild. If someone can use it I’ll sell for shipping and 50.00 - just pm me!
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    Want to buy SC in excellent condition w/5 speed.

    I’m considering selling my 89 cougar Xr7 5 sp. 90 k mi 2nd owner. Grey fabric excellent condition inside and out. Pm me if interested! Consider offer around 10 k. Sorry for sideways pictures!
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    WTB Vehicle Maintenance Monitor (VMM) 89-93

    I’m missing the clips so the plastic cover falls off. The electronics work! Looks like prior owner tried super glue with no luck. Craig
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    WTB Vehicle Maintenance Monitor (VMM) 89-93

    Hello All I have the broken clip problem but unit working fine. Someone suggested electrical tape? Any other ideas??? Thanks! Craig 89 cougar 5sp supercharged
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    Az Roll Call Again.

    Me too. In surprise. Need someone to do AC- got my compressor replaced but still no AC!
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    Double Intercoolers, Raised Tops, Superchargers, and OEM Parts (ThunderRoad is racing a circle track in the sky)

    Oh I also need manual hand brake setup! Mine doesn’t work anymore
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    Double Intercoolers, Raised Tops, Superchargers, and OEM Parts (ThunderRoad is racing a circle track in the sky)

    Also sorry for your loss. I’m interested in the cai setup and any other ideas to help run cooler/ help ac work ( I live in PHX) if you can pm me that would be great ( I don’t know how)
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    AZ Super Coupe

    5 sp cougar Xr7 90k runs and shifts but still ac issues. I’m second owner. I have another project getting close to done so thinking about selling the Xr7- as much as a terrific gt it is, love the 4 wheel independent suspension and room for 4 adults!
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    Az Roll Call Again.

    Any sc folk around these days? Sure would love to find someone who likes working on these- especially ac!
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    Clearing house: Cheap parts, pick or or pay shipping.

    Do you have hand brake assembly? I have 89 cougar Xr7 5 sp. my hand brake is black, but button/ latch is broken.