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  1. badfreakinbird

    1993 SC for sale or trade South Florida

    Will you still have it in two weeks? I want it but would have to wait till then.
  2. badfreakinbird

    Bead blasted Alt Bracket

    Had this bracket blasted then some kind of protective coating put on it then I painted it silver. Looks real nice and ive sold a couple on ebay. Id like to get 60.00 plus 20.00 bucks for shipping. SOLD. Also have the air box for the SCP cold air intake system 20.00 bucks plus 6.00 to ship...
  3. badfreakinbird

    70mm bbk throttlebody

    browsing this website and ran across this thought somone might need this.
  4. badfreakinbird

    94 auto in dallas

    Any pics of this car? Very interested Have the headgaskets been done? Isiah
  5. badfreakinbird

    My 1995 SC 3900.00

    95 sc Can this car make it all the way to San Antonio Texas without issues?
  6. badfreakinbird

    ported manifolds & 5 spd center consloe

    Its for a 94-95sc
  7. badfreakinbird


    Shocks and mount If you still have these by next Friday ill take them.
  8. badfreakinbird

    supercharger for sale

    email sent for some piks
  9. badfreakinbird

    Rear control arm bushings NEW

    Sent payment via paypal -Thanks Isiah
  10. badfreakinbird

    Alky kit, loaded pillar pod, alt, power steering pump *new price on motor*

    power steering pump - 25 bux Is this new or used?
  11. badfreakinbird

    90 Red w/black 5 spd SC in TX

    Please send pics to
  12. badfreakinbird

    Fellow SC'ers/club members.....

    Your not the only SC there is like 6 in the san antonio area that I know of. I have a black 93 and my boy Luis has 2 90s and a fellow poster named johnyyakimo recently contacted me and hes from here. I also know of a couple others but most dont post or havnt in a while. Ive been working on my...
  13. badfreakinbird

    89-93 Harmanic Balancer

    I offered 40 because thats what a used one goes for. didnt mean to offened. Isiah.
  14. badfreakinbird

    what could this be?

    Thank god for warranty starter was replaced and no more noise for now. Hope the flywheel doesnt go next.
  15. badfreakinbird

    what could this be?

    Have you ever tried to start a car that was already on? Well Thats the noise im hearing when I start my car and its done this for the last couple of starts. Any ideas what this could be? im guessing its the Starter or Flywheel. Any thoughts? Ill prob pull starter tonight and have a look at it...
  16. badfreakinbird

    Custom double ICs

    Im about 3 janes away!
  17. badfreakinbird

    Thunderbird SC Timing tool "NEW" on Ebay

    Bought this from spinning wheels never opened becouse friend used his. Its listed as a buy it now for 25+5 shipping which is what I paid + shipping...
  18. badfreakinbird

    EEC tuning in Texas

    Thats cool Somone just PM me when things are straight
  19. badfreakinbird

    92sc auto and 89sc 5speed feeler

    What color are these cars and hows the paint? Isiah
  20. badfreakinbird

    Alternator with Underdrive pulley attached

    bump to the top.