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  1. crippledlemming

    1994 M/T SC for sale!

    I'm working on pics, car needs paint, more of a project I dont have time for anymore. Good for parts or for project.
  2. crippledlemming

    1994 M/T SC for sale!

    Car is in Georgetown TX Needs syncros in 2nd and 4th Runs, needs battery, good project car $1000
  3. crippledlemming

    Keller-Westlake Area

    sounds good to me man, sounds like this new company is taking care of you; which always is good. best of luck on getting the house sold. lemme know if you need anything.
  4. crippledlemming

    Keller-Westlake Area

    nice to see you coming to dfw man, if there is anything I can give you a hand with lemme know.
  5. crippledlemming

    anyone know this SC?

    I saw a SC up in the DFW area at a mechanics shop on hwy 26 near Glade road, near Southlake, TX. It was a 93 in great shape with almost brand new looking dark blue paint. I couldn't help myself, I had to stop and marvel at the condition of this SC. Unfortunately the inspection and...
  6. crippledlemming

    Keller-Westlake Area

    im up in saginaw, not really close to keller, but keller seems to be a nice area...if you end up, up here you should definitely give me a holler.
  7. crippledlemming

    Parting 90 S.C.

    how many miles on trans? What shape is it in? Price? I also sent you an email. --jared
  8. crippledlemming

    m5r2 swap

    wow thanks for all the information, Im fixing to buy a 91 trans with 79k on it for ~400 shipped. Just wanted to make sure there wouldnt be any adverse affects on my baby :p .
  9. crippledlemming

    m5r2 swap

    I have a 94 manual, will a 91 m5r2-rke be compatible with my car?
  10. crippledlemming

    parting out 92 super coupe & 96 4.6 lx sport Looks like only 4 were ever made.
  11. crippledlemming

    same car as mine spotted in lockhart tx

    My boss told me this morning he spotted a 94 black sc on his way in. Said it passed him in his m series like he was standing still (at 85 mph). He pulled up to it at the light and saw that it was in almost flawless shape....(unlike mine which i am working on)... So now I am in search of the...
  12. crippledlemming

    F/S: 1990 Factory Service Manuals

    dang it txsc, when will you get one of these for a 94? :D Im in some serious need of one :p
  13. crippledlemming

    Performance Parts

    whats the size of the downtubes?
  14. crippledlemming

    Cooling Fan Woes - How to test to see if any good.

    lol i had a fuse that looked just like it in my 94, only after replacing it the fans still dont work :(...well they do when i turn the ac on...
  15. crippledlemming

    Robert Zibilske

    Email Address: User Name: rzibilske77 Vendor/Individual: Individual Comments: Very upstanding person, Items arrived undamaged and exactly like he described them. Very pleasant transaction, would definitely do business with him again.
  16. crippledlemming

    wtb m5r2

  17. crippledlemming

    making another junkyard run

    a nice set of 94 headlight lens'es would be nice, perhaps a 5 speed trans :-p
  18. crippledlemming

    wtb m5r2

    I would like to buy a low milage manual trans that is in good shape. Preferably in texas, but will consider having one shipped in. thanks, --jrod
  19. crippledlemming

    San Antonio , TX meet,anyone interested?

    txsc you hater :-p we should all have the problems of deciding which sc to take due to the weather....any idea of where we are going to go? I have to work in the morning and may not be able to check this through the day, but I would like to go...
  20. crippledlemming

    San Antonio , TX meet,anyone interested?

    i told u i am down, jus tell me where to go :-p