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    new quickest SC (actually with proof) vid link on post 10

    nice job, dont know if you sent in your time slip yet, but I was sick and tired of seeing those fakes out there without any proof *coughcoughsilverfakeattentionwhorebullitcough * :D. You are #1 on this site as far as I'm concerned. Anyone dipping past 12s should have video proof like you did...
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    Silver Bullet 9.989et at 135.303mph run in testing first SC in the 9's

    I didnt read any of that but if this hasnt been done try this...if it was my car I would have a credible member check for an upside down duffle bag with wires running to it around the vehicle or strange braided lines entering the firewall before the run and/or (recommended) video tape using a...
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    Speedometer Gear IN Tranny!

    ford sells it, so do lots of transmission places that have rebuilt F150 5 speeds, I think stock is a green gear, maybe 7 or 8 teeth(really important), I forget:cool: . Its replaceable with trans still in the car if IT IS the problem, there a ball bearing under the gear which retains it
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    So... I got rid of my SC... for this...

    its turning out good, but isnt that the truck they crashed in Commando:p
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    Miller vs Moddified Marauder

    well the older ones came in wagon trim lol, baller!. I dont know, still look like jelly beans to me, i guess its the GN kind of thing (rare upgraded model). The Ford version called the Blackwell? or something like they originally started off with instead of the Marauder would have been a better...
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    Miller vs Moddified Marauder

    the oopoolumpahs 55 or ss's whatever have the same cop stuff on them from what I know with full interior , carpeting and insulation, a PI caprice in undercover trim should outrun it. Only reason people want the caprice 55s is because they made a wagon version so it makes this model highly...
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    Miller vs Moddified Marauder

    ~~~,"maxed out"? Id like to see engine pics of these maxed out vehicles, I have talked to people that have modified police vehicles, lowering, shift kits etc, but not to that extreme:eek: . The 4r70W is a wide ratio whatever already modified AODE special geared tranny I've outran an Impoola...
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    Miller vs Moddified Marauder

    if there are any good condition 89-91 SHOs left they are scary fast, especially for way back then, put a Vortech blower on them and they'll take out almost anything while getting funny looks from people:D . The most detuned vehicles are full size trucks, no manufacturer wants to have a jackass...
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    Miller vs Moddified Marauder

    Ive read about 25 hp from a tune? 40 hp at the wheels?:rolleyes:. 5.4 would change the hoodline/come real close to the hood. Never heard of a 32V Interceptor yet
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    What to do with an original 427 Cobra emblem?

    yea no ~~~~, good thinking :rolleyes:
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    What to do with an original 427 Cobra emblem?

    If you are 100% sure its an original I wouldnt sell it to anyone for under several hundred dollars(so you can rub it in to other people you have a piece of history), thats how much it would be worth to me, beats me what the going rate is:confused:
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    What to do with an original 427 Cobra emblem?

    put two straps on it and make it into a watch and lose it, if it has no value to you sell it to someone who needs it :rolleyes:
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    These Fords are awesome in the snow

    nope all gone, I rebuilt one a few months ago and parts like cranks are getting more rare along with body pieces being obsolete, I dont see too many new ideas turning up for them,I might still make a turbo one;), but the cars I see are in such crappy shape it would costs thousands before even...
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    These Fords are awesome in the snow

    canada eh, a subabru legacy with a set of chains can probably outdrive any suv or 4x4 in the snow :p look at this badboy :)
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    ~~~ is this pics!!

    its a PS2 or X-Box thingy, i would plug a game cartridge and controller into one of the ports, it could also be a tape drive for a Vic-20 painted black
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    George Davenport Top SC record run question?

    how stupid is this :rolleyes: , you video tape the car with the hood open (do a walk around) then film the run with the time board in sight, WOW if the guys credibility comes up, everyone says no video taped run and no one gives a hoot about him<--YOU CAN CALL IT A NON DOCUMENTED RUN
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    These Fords are awesome in the snow

    I know, sorry to just leave like that after our date, I promise I wont do it again ;) *crosses fingers behind back*
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    These Fords are awesome in the snow

    :D WHAT????:confused: AWD GT-40 :p
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    Anyone intrested in a motor mount alternative?

    holy, thats some nice work:eek:
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    Wife has a Flood Damaged Mustang.

    I have no idea where that is, was it saltwater? if so your brakes etc will seize up in time etc. Miniumum it needs is diff fluid flush, trans fluid change, replace carpet (will mould up), front wheel bearings have water in them, rack bellows probably have water in them if there was a leak, ball...