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  1. ThunderGodRacin

    Georgia SCers

    Augusta GA folks, Been in GA for almost a year and its been about that long since I've been online. My "albatros" needs help so...
  2. ThunderGodRacin

    New to the area!!

    New to Evans GA Its been sometime but Im back on the boards and this time from Evans GA. Working out at Ft Gordon and will need all the help I can get to but my 89 back together. Its been 4 years in the "apart phase" and needs to get finished.
  3. ThunderGodRacin

    1990 sc parts for sale whole car parting out ALSO 94-95 PARTS

    engine harness do you have a good engine harness? I need all the wiring for the engine
  4. ThunderGodRacin

    Engine Harness

    I'm in search of a complete engine harness for a 1989 5spd car. My came from Oklahoma and is brittle and missing most of the plastic connectors. So anyone that as one please let me know. My ECU is fine and the inerior wiring is fine I guess havent started the car in quite some time. (might be a...
  5. ThunderGodRacin

    All of my SC parts and extra cars for sale ***PICS ADDED***

    thanks I will look into this thanks.
  6. ThunderGodRacin

    All of my SC parts and extra cars for sale ***PICS ADDED***

    wire harness Im looking for the complete engine harnes from the firewall out. Mine has a bunch of broken connectors and some questionable modification to it. :o I would need this for a 1989 5speed please. Price plus shipping to 76542 Thank you
  7. ThunderGodRacin

    Happy New Year To All

    Very best in the New Year To everyone on this site, May you all have the very best this coming year.
  8. ThunderGodRacin

    Chilton or Haynes?

    Allof them I have Haynes and Chiltons as well as a Ford service Manual for my model year and have found that this is the best approach to fixing my bird.
  9. ThunderGodRacin

    More Horsepower?

    Full Exhuast IMHO, I would start with Headers and free flowing CAT's. I have an 89 that Im in the middle of rebuilding and the exhust coming off the motor on the drivers side looks like something out of the Spanish Inquisition. 90* angles do not flow high horsepower. After you address this...
  10. ThunderGodRacin

    SC back seat club

    Front seat of my F350 yes sir ...Fold back seat 69 Mustang yes sir...SC not yet still building.
  11. ThunderGodRacin

    Clutch lines....

    Add me Im in for a set up w/ bleeder sans quick disconnect. Im not in a big hurry though (Still in Iraq) but Ill order one up just the same. Man I gotta alot of work ahead of me.
  12. ThunderGodRacin

    How many of you guys are in this for the long haul

    I'm in for life. After I'm done with this project I will just start enjoying it (untill I need to fix something) But I'll never get rid of it. I've made those mistakes before. ( 70 fastback Mustang, 69 fastback Mustang, 70 Mach 1) .02
  13. ThunderGodRacin

    DSS axel shafts

    Guys, I found out about them from the therads on broken axel shafts. One of the guys on this site was taking about running the L5"s from the Cobras. And yes they need to be modified to run in our cars. So I was talking to these guys and seeing if they would do a setup for our cars. Well long...
  14. ThunderGodRacin

    DSS axel shafts

    All, I just ordered a set of Level 2 shafts from DSS in North Carolina. These come with the inners and are chrome moly 28 spline. The L2's are rated at 600hp which is about all I am looking for. You can get the L5's which are good up to about a 1000hp. Look at the threads to find out more about...
  15. ThunderGodRacin

    Sitting in Iraq

    Thank You All, I thank you for all your support and prayers it helps. I will see most of you if not all real soon God Bless Mike
  16. ThunderGodRacin

    Sitting in Iraq

    Well as the tittle says I'm sitting in Iraq in support of the "War on Terror". I work as an Army Contrator supporting systems over here and elsewhere in the world and every now and then I get a chance to look in on this site and see where things are. Currently I'm knee deep in my own...
  17. ThunderGodRacin

    5 on 4 1/2?

    I agree w/ nickelman60. The only thing I would add is the rear hubs would come from Ford part #M-1109-A for about $49.00 each. Side note this is a Ford Racing part number so you need to got to and participating dealer.
  18. ThunderGodRacin

    Stainless Steel Brake Lines - Official GP!

    Got mine I got mine on Monday the 25th. Very cool Thanks again Thomas for setting this up.
  19. ThunderGodRacin

    Stainless Steel Brake Lines - Official GP!

    Done Got my set ordered for my 89 Thomas you da man:cool:
  20. ThunderGodRacin

    DFW dyno and gtg Aug. 12th

    I'm in I'm gonna try to get up there I don't have my bird finshed but would love to meet and pick brains