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    The button popped out of E-brake handle.....

    I released the e-brake on my 89 SC 5 speed and the button went flying onto the passenger floor.... I guess I need to find out... 1. Is there a repair kit for this??? 2. Is the e-brake handle the same for auto and 5-speed?? ( In case a replacement is only option.) 3. Any other...
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    Chicago area SC Owners.......

    This is my Nephew's new shop ( Shameless plug....) But could be a fun time and a good chance to show off a few Super Coupes.... I will not make it as my wife is in a Wine and Art show and I get to help her set up. Car show and BBQ fun for everyone from kids to adults! Mark your...
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    Fuel pump intermittant.....

    OK.... Had it decide to not start again yesterday.... Pulled the driver's rear inside panel and didn't have a screwdriver or a way to tap the relay, so I pulled the relay off the side of the car and tapped it against the support... VOILA! The pump started on the second tap! So this...
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    Fuel pump intermittant.....

    Thank you! I too post what I know and what has worked in the past...along with odd questions like this!! I appreciate the insight especially into the IRCM possibility.... The checks may take me a couple days to get to.... Will let you know what I find! Lance
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    Fuel pump intermittant.....

    When I turn the key to 'on' you can hear the fuel pump and the ABS pump kick on. Every so often, only the ABS pump turns on and of course the car will not start. I have reset and Replaced the Inertia switch and the fuel pump. I guess I need to find out where the Fuel pump relay is so I can...
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    What Kind of Gas Milage are you getting

    For all city and's not bad!!! Now you need to save a few pennies drop in a K&N intake filter and a Cat-Back exhaust system to free it up a little and power and gas mileage should go up!!! plus keep putting the 93 octane in it!!! You will be much happier with the way it runs!!!
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    Car hesitant sometimes?

    You described my problem perfectly, runs great/ runs losy/ runs great/ runs lousy.... no rhyme or reason to it. Had the timing cover seal replaced since it was leaking oil onto the crank sensor, that didn't fix it.... Finally, decided to replace the DIS module. Voila! runs perfect! No...
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    Lots more parts for sale

    those door pulls do not remove from the panels easily..... I ended up making new ones out of 3/4 board and then adding a bit of fowm and recovering them with a bit of vinyl. If you use those mounting tabs that held the originals in place, they can mount up quite nicely!! Just takes a few...
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    2016 SC/XR7/Mark VIII Calendar

    I'll take 1 again this year!!!
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    check this out! Did this on the pullmax machine at work

    The louvers look great!!! I've been to 'Metal Meet' a few times and one of the guys brings a Pullmax to the meet. It can do some amazing things when you have the time to set it up properly!!! Can't wait to see the pics when you get it done and on the car!! Lance
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    April Open Track weekend at Gingerman

    You may be the only T-brd there.... but the big question is..... Do you have fun??? If the answer is YES! then it doesn't matter if anyone else shows up or not!!! Have fun!! Drive hard!!! Lance
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    PCMED Manual??

    I've bookmarked the page, however 2 of the codes I have say they apply to 5.0 only....... weird huh?
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    PCMED Manual??

    I have an 89 5-speed and the Check Engine light came on for about 10 minutes... It ran as if it were on 4-5 cylinders and wouldn't idle at all. My normal Mechanic's scanner died so he couldn't get the codes... I took it to FORD, it recently changed hands and the former owner took ALL the...
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    2015 SC/XR7/Mark VIII Calendar

    scskydivin..... IF you are lucky there might be 1 left over, I got lucky a couple years ago and took the leftover..... FINALLY learned my lesson and placed my order ON tIME this year!!! Just wish my SC was 'calendar worthy'!!!! lol.... It's a driver with 212K on the odometer...
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    First SC 1995 77k original cuts out....little help?

    If those ideas don't fix it completely, check inside the throttle body housing for gunk! I had changed plugs and wires and cleaned the MAF 3-4 times bofore looking inside the throttle body.... sprayed carb cleaner in there and wiped a bunch of 'gunk' out of it....runs like a dream now!! Now...
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    1989 red xr7 5spd

    Super Nice XR7!!!! congratulations!!! Lance Sikorski
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    2015 SC/XR7/Mark VIII Calendar

    I am actually going to ask for 1 BEFORE they are printed!!!! I actually am getting better at this 'internet' Lance Sikorski
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    2014 SC/XR7 Calendar

    Second year in row missing the deadline.... BUMMER!!!! Guess that is what I get for putting in Electronic Medical records instead of checking SCCOA....
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    how old are SC owners

    turned 60 this year...... So..... let's see.... (takes off shoes and socks....) Yea, still just enough fingers and toes to fit in the 40+ category..... Wanted an 89 5 speed from the first time I saw the ad for it. But kids, med school, houses, business delayed that until 5 years...
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    I officially have worse MPG than my Pick Up

    I have to agree w/ S. Mazza.... You guys need some serious help!!! 1. Are you running 92-93 octane fuel?? If you run 89 (or worse) you are going to get really lousy mileage!!! Pay the 'extra' $2 per fillup and see what happens....( it will take 2-3 fillups to bring the octane up!!!)...