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  1. XR7 Dave

    Cobra brake 11.65" rotor upgrade kit.

    These brackets are in stock and ready to ship. Please email for current price.
  2. XR7 Dave

    Rear back glass with good Defrost - 1991 SC

    Might post your location. I have a glass, but I don't think it's going to ship well.
  3. XR7 Dave

    Offset pros needed

    Sorry I did the math and fitments a long time ago. I don't remember anymore enough to be able to help you.
  4. XR7 Dave

    89 thunderbird sc need new front arc struts

    $275 shipped, lower 48.
  5. XR7 Dave

    89 thunderbird sc need new front arc struts

    You can't get new ones, but I have a pair of good Tokico Illumina II's for sale if you want.
  6. XR7 Dave

    Tan Leather Folding Rear Seats (‘95)

    I have parts of it, but the surround is sun damaged. The rest is nice.
  7. XR7 Dave

    SC Shootout stats

    I can’t seem to open any of those links. ‍♂️ There used to an actual SC Shootout website with data acquired at the events. Just wondering if those things still exist somewhere.
  8. XR7 Dave

    SC Shootout stats

    What happened with the old SC-Shootout website and in particular the fastest SC’s list? I wanted to look some things up and realized I have no idea where to find it.
  9. XR7 Dave

    EECIV Wanted

    Decipha is correct. Data from MN12Performance is simply incomplete and partially inaccurate so it should not be relied on. The Ford designation (as seen in OE Ford documentation) is CZAW0 for the 94/5 SC's. As far as I know W4D2 and T4J1 are the only two calibrations for that year...
  10. XR7 Dave

    EEC compatibility

    Do you have ignition power at the red wire on the injector? And you didn't say what box codes you are using. I can't tell you if the EEC you want to try is compatible unless you tell me what one you have and what one you want to try.
  11. XR7 Dave

    EEC compatibility

    Auto/5spd makes no difference in those years. Just load your tune and go, as long as it's the same family. 91's were mostly GSALC, but some are GSALI. Just upload the stock file into BE to see if it's compatible with your strategy file, or list the catch codes here and I can tell you if they...
  12. XR7 Dave

    Tune Questions

    I didn't see any email. Regardless, a stock blower with more than 15% OD is ridiculous. If the coated rotor pack is an OE set then it will shed it's coating almost immediately anyway and that crap will end up in your IC. If it's a new MP coated rotor pack the coating will hold up, but the...
  13. XR7 Dave

    WTB Under Hood Automatic Light Switch and associated 2-pin Connector

    $25 including postage. You just want the switch right?
  14. XR7 Dave

    WTB: rear caliper relocation brackets

    Thank you Tom! We try to have these in stock at all times and generally offer same/next day shipping. Any questions about installation beyond the sheet included with them, check out our FB page Super Coupes Unlimited where we have a full pictorial. Thanks again!
  15. XR7 Dave

    SC to Jackshaft tensioner

    I have some in good shape. Do you want upgraded tensioner spring or stock?
  16. XR7 Dave

    Small Performance Mods for Stock 92 SC

    It's interesting that this has come up again. I just recently took the time to degree a few of the stock cores that I have laying around here and checked lift, timing, duration, and lobe separation on a few of the cams I have. The 94-5 cams are significantly shorter duration (175/185 deg)...
  17. XR7 Dave

    Thinking about 3.8 SC for race car swap - got some questions!

    I would do the intercooler and a 94/5 supercharger. With a basic short/open exhaust that will get you where you want to go HP wise. Don't bother with headers or anything else. I'd replace the head gaskets with MLS and ARP studs which should be a free maintenance mod. Personally I'd tear...
  18. XR7 Dave

    WTB: rear caliper relocation brackets

    Tom, they are made to use the stock SC calipers and brake pads with the Cobra rotors. Mustang calipers are smaller and a completely different design that will not fit. I have the brackets in stock ready to ship if you end up wanting a new set.
  19. XR7 Dave

    Soon To Be Cougar XR7 Owner From Illinois!

    Post some pictures!
  20. XR7 Dave

    WTB 90 Cougar XR7 grill and hood

    I have some parts, but where are you located? Definitely not shipping a hood.