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    Jerking at full throttle

    2 times i have experienced "bucking" or "jerking" was NOT always at WOT or specific gear, but i traced it back to bad cam sensor. Simple test, just unplug it. it may take couple tries to start as it "guesses" 4 correct timing on start up. Apparently a bad cam sensor signal is a worse problem...
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    Spark Plug Wires Recommendations?

    Get a NOID tester and make sure the computer is not hanging the injector b4 u tear it apart. I've had 2 '90's era 5.0 computers fail and leave voltage on the injector, causing it to stay open, nothing wrong with injector. I believe this is due to capacitor failures in the ecm, and may even b...
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    interesting little SC info. blurb... Guess any of us still playing with these probably got all this already, but cool 2 c some love 4 our SC's Adam
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    Back Half project at Columbus Ohio fall swap?

    Super long shot here... Was a black 4 linked back halved black SC roller project on a trailer outside car coral at fall swap at Ohio st fair grounds over t-giving weekend. I managed to do the smart thing and walk away... Which of course I immediately regretted... Guy said he was local to the...
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    90 SC anniversary Manual strange problem.

    Try unplugging the cam position sensor. It may take several tries to get it to start as the eec "guesses" cam position. I've had two different cars where a pretty sever "bucking" would occur randomly from bad signal. NO signal is much better than a "bad" signal. Mine never appeared to be heat...
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    Intake manifold leaking oil after rebuild

    OH. I also put a thin skim of RTV around the coolant passages on BOTH sides of intake gaskets. Adam
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    Intake manifold leaking oil after rebuild

    Well, IMHO, your mistake was using the end gaskets AT ALL... I immediately file those in nearest trash can. NEVER had anything but azz ache from those, 5.0 3.8 cork rubber, just all seam to want 2 "squeeze" out. What I do instead is use a sharp center punch to "ping" a line of marks on both...
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    Anyone ever tried to use adhesive tape to install factory SC side skirts?

    The "filler" panel on the bottom couple inches of the doors is aluminum I believe.
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    Affordable smoke test kit

    I looked at that unit when i picked one up a few years back, I ended up with one from e-bay made from an ammo box. Smoke-tec? It did not come with the juice, but cheepest baby oil I could find is what I use. Pretty cool tool. Found a few real suprizes on a couple projects with mine Adam
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    Only 8lbs Boost

    Take a look at the bypass valve to be sure it is fully closed when under boost conditions, may be stuck slightly open, allowing boost to bleed off. Adam
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    89 SC 5 Speed W/ 85k

    Cheep easy, try unplugging cam position sensor. It may take a few trys to get started as computer "guesses" when to fire injectors. I've had an intermittent bucking/jerking as you describe in my 90 XR7 which ended up as cam sensor. Apparently a bad signal is worse than no signal Adam
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    For sale

    PM is apparently "conversation" now. Anyway you have one in mailbox. Interested in talking, possibly looking. Thanks Adam
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    For sale

    What he said. Dealers JOB on used trades is to screw both sides... More they can get you on trade in, and more they can get outta poor sap on resale is their profit. AND they have NO CLUE about specialty vehicles like ours. Just auction junk to them. Gonna try to PM you. I am in...
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    Engine VIN Location?

    Several of my cars have had a sticker on valvecover, but if I recall correctly it was a couple letters then a barcode, so not of much use in determining originality. Often with Fords of earlier vintage best you can do is find casting dates on various parts and determine if they were slightly...
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    Pulled my thermostat today. Check out the rust!

    EEWWWW!!! Not a happy find! Is the car running? If so I would screw the stat neck back on with no t-stat and flush, flush, flush. BACKFLUSH, and then repeat:D I would do this while running engine and cycling up to temp til it flushes both directions clear. THEN I have found a half bottle of...
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    Small Performance Mods for Stock 92 SC

    Interesting question. I look forward to one of the guru's answers to this one as well. The lore I've heard says the '89 5 speed cam was the "best", ie, most aggressive specs... I've saved a couple from cars that were too far gone to save 4 just this "upgrade" to an auto. Adam
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    ‘93 SC Parts for sale Southeast CT Updated

    What do you need for gasket kit and studs shipped to 44044, Cleveland, OH? Cool air and some... Ahem... SPIRITED driving took out another set of headgaskets :cool: Thanks Adam
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    What's in the box?!

    my thought too... I got one... box seems a bit large tho :confused: Adam
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    1994 SC auto driveshafts

    shortened shaft If you don't get any interest in pick up and decide it's worth messing with shipping I would be interested in the MK VIII shaft depending on shipping costs. I'm in Cleveland area 44044. If you decide you're interested in shipping please lmk and maybe we can work something out...
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    Teves brake question?

    LoL! Hey Ken. Somehow I knew you would be on this one. Glad too. You always are on point when people here look for help. THOUGHT it was not a teves problem, but... Same caliper 3 times? HUMMMM??? 2 remans, this one a low mileage orig removed from my "good" car that got Cobra upgrade (both side...