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    If it's not the alternator, then what is it?

    Here's my experience with this... I had a similar situation with my alternator cable. The little "ring connector" on the cable would short out on the back of the alternator case and melt the insulation making everything brittle and burnt like you described. It would also cause the "check...
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    help engine miss iv tryed everything

    My $0.02 Could be a vacuum leak somewhere in the supercharger "plumbing". It doesn't take much to make the car stumble under acceleration. Even if you have checked and double-checked, it is very difficult to get every connection sealed. I finally invested in a set of teflon gaskets for the...
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    dis overheating

    Actually, the cause of a DIS overheating is not related to high temps coming from the bracket into the DIS, but from the heat generated internally by the module not being properly dissipated through the bottom surface area. I am still using the original DIS that came on the car (15 yrs ago). I...
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    After 15 years...

    I finally took a few pictures of my SC I read somewhere that painting the blower with "Ford Blue" engine paint increases horsepower...
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    The IRCM (Integrated Relay Control Module) basically has one function on the early model SC's, and that is to control the operation of the low/high-speed cooling fan. On the later models, it also has another internal relay circuit that triggers electrical power to the fuel pump when the...
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    this guy is on crack !!

    Very strange... First, I just want to say that although I live in Canton, GA (as does the doofus that ran the ad), I have nothing to do with it. It's odd that I haven't seen this SC on the roads around here. Canton is a small town and I keep my eyes out for any possible SC sightings. I may...
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    Power Steering Pump Options

    I solved the whine in my P/S Pump by flushing out all the old fluid (the pump was leaking at the return line anyway), and refilling it with synthetic P/S fluid. I believe most of the noise comes from worn out fluid and air in the lines. Anyway, it worked on my (original, stock, 1992 issue) pump...
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    Crank Dampner Sleeve Broken Off - See Pic

    pretty much everyone has (or will) run into this with the stock balancer... I broke three stockers before I figured out they couldn't be reused after being removed. My BHJ (from the original group buy way back when...) is the best investment I ever made for the car.
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    DIs Module - Differences?

    One minor difference with early modules... I picked up a spare DIS a few years back for either my '92SC or my '93SHO (can't remember which). They both use the same module. My spare has one slight difference from the one on my cars. One of the mounting holes that the little bolts/screws go...
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    EEC module for 89 SC with AOD-Code 97???

    one more thing... There shouldn't be any codes from an AOD. It is a hydraulically controlled transmission (via the Throttle Valve connection) and doesn't provide any signals to the EEC. The electronically controlled trannies came along in later models.
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    EEC module for 89 SC with AOD-Code 97???

    Capacitor??? Let's make sure we are talking about the same thing... The DIS module is the flat rectangular box (about 1/2 to 3/4" thick) on top of the bracket that holds the A/C compressor. It has a harness connector on each end. I think you might be thinking about the coil-pack. It has a...
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    EEC module for 89 SC with AOD-Code 97???

    Here's a suggestion.... Before investing in a new EEC, you might want to consider the DIS module. Try putting some heatsink compound under the DIS (available at radioshack). The DIS will cause ignition problems if it gets too hot. If that doesn't clear up the problem, try swapping out the...
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    It shouldn't make a difference because some folks have swapped the later model speedometer (145mph version) into early model SC's (120mph version speedometer) with no problem. I believe the "speedo" accuracy issue comes from gear changes in the rearend or running tires with a diameter different...
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    fan relay

    Ircm The fan relay is actually in the IRCM (Intergrated Relay Control Module) located between the airbox (if you still have the stock box for the air filter) and the right headlight. You really can't get to the fan relay itself because it is a circuit inside the module. They don't typically...
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    Weird noise in front end

    I'm thinking tie-rods. My '93 SHO had a bad moaning sound when turning at low speed (like pulling into a parking spot) and when I replaced the tie-rods (inner and outer) it stopped... BTW, It's a lot easier to do on a RWD car.
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    Need alternator cable ('92 SC)

    Does anyone know where I can get the alternator cable that runs from the back of the alternator over to the starter relay (on the fender well) where the + battery cable connects? It splits off into three lines with fusible links. You would think this would be relatively simple to find, but...
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    how can i adjust the shift points in my transmission?

    If you aren't getting overdrive until 57mph and the shifts are harsh, I would bet your TV pressure is too high. High pressure will cause delayed shifts. You should shift into OD somewhere around 45mph at "normal throttle pressure". There are several methods for setting the pressure without a...
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    Aod Toast?

    Need more info... What do you mean by you can't get it to shift to 3rd or OD? Does it act like you shifted to neutral (slipping and high rev), or does it continue to wind out in 2nd? If it slips, then check the fluid level first (it should be filled up to the stamped lettering that says "Do...
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    Rattle in the left front suspension area

    I didn't notice if anyone mentioned this, but if you have clunking in the front suspension when driving over bumps check your strut rod bushings. When they collapse, you will get clunking and popping noise when making sharp turns or driving over bumps... (If someone suggested this already and...
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    Wanted: Old Teves Mark II ABS unit

    Hey Tony!!!! I got the unit you shipped to me. I can't say how much I appreciate you doing that. Only one problem... You haven't let me know how much it cost you to ship it!!! I don't think it is fair that you give me the system and pay for the shipping out of your pocket. If you can accept...