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    Various parts, Cervini hood, SC seats, 90SC partout

    I have a 90 SC that I am going to be parting out. Engine is blown, and I have already removed the blown engine from the car. The body doesn't look too bad, but the underside has rust issues, and that combined with the blown motor means it isn't worth fixing. I will likely be keeping the trans...
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    Not mine, SVO V6 for sale on craigslist

    I came across this, and figured someone might be interested in it. I know these things are rare and expensive, but I don't know if this is a good deal or not, just figured I would pass on the info.
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    Wanted: M5R2 tailshaft housing

    Ran the 24 hours of lemons car this past weekend. One of the changes we made was installing 3.55s instead of the 3.08s in the rear to keep from having to shift into 2nd coming out of the turns. That worked out great in terms of making the car quicker around the track, but what didn't work out...
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    Anyone want to go lemons racing?

    OK, so I've done the 24 hours of lemons race a few years now with an 89XR7 with an explorer 5.0 in it. The weekend is a lot of fun since it is mostly a joke, and you get to beat the hell out of a car for 2 days straight. Anyway, we need 4 drivers per event, and as of now we only have 3. In...
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    Anyone ever have this happen?

    I'm driving into work today, going down the highway about 75-80mph, and all of a sudden the car loses power and starts slowing down. My first thought is the engine stalled, but no idiot lights on the dash, and the AFR gauge is bouncing between 14 and 15. Push the clutch in and hit the gas, and...
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    Craigslist find, 95SC 5-speed

    Not mine, but I came across this while looking through craigslist. I have too many cars and not enough room or time to mess with it, but from the pics it looks pretty clean, and it might be a good deal for someone who can spend some time getting it to run right...
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    Cannonball record shattered!

    Not sure if anyone else had seen this... Average speed across the country was over 98mph!
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    Anyone have the vacuum diagram for the manual HVAC?

    My 90 SC is only blowing out the defroster vents. So far I have disconnected the harness behind the glove box and determined that I don't have vacuum on any of the hoses on either side. I also checked that the yellow hose directly behind the HVAC control is connected. I also found a post...
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    Anyone from NJ/NY/PA area going to the Shootout?

    Is there anyone from the area who will be going to the shootout this year? The reason I ask is Jacob Royer was selling a nitrous kit, that he was willing to deliver to the shootout, and I had arrangements made to have someone pick it up for me, but they had to cancel, and are no longer going...
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    Cleaning out the garage, bunch of stuff for sale

    I have the following all for sale. If no price is listed, make an offer. Pics available on request. -97 V6 Tbird MAF, intake tube, and stock airbox top -2 stock SC/5.0 tbird intake tubes -One stock SC fluid filled motor mount in good shape -SC thermostat housing, not warped, no leaks -SC cam...
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    Parting out 96 Tbird Sport

    In case anyone here needs anything off a 96 Tbird sport,
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    Wanted: WORKING seat tracks, driver's and passenger

    Both seat tracks in my 90SC are frozen and won't move, so I need 2 working seat tracks. They are both power now, but I really don't care whether they stay power or go to manual tracks, just whatever works. Let me know what you have, and how much shipped to 07724. Thanks. Mike
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    Swapped/upgraded engine, have a few issues

    Last weekend I changed out the engine in my 90SC for a refreshed 94SC motor with an upgraded cam and mildly ported heads. Everything is back in place and running good most of the time. I know I need to work on the tune because I get pinging at the top end, but before I get into that, the car...
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    Thunderbird logo windshield banners for sale

    A friend of mine started making a bunch of vynil banners and decals, and started making these windshield banners, so just thought I would pass along the info to anyone who isn't usually on tccoa.
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    Craigslist find, 35th anny, not mine
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    1990 Mercury Cougar

    MadMikeyL submitted a new Showcase Item: 1990 Mercury Cougar Read more about this showcase item here...
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    WTB: 94/95 oil pickup tube

    I'm doing a refreshing of a 94SC motor as a backup for my 90 SC. I'm including the windage tray, which means I need the 94/95 oil pump pickup tube, but since the original motor had spun a rod bearing, there were pieces of the bearing in the pickup, so I can't use that one. I also can't find...
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    97 Cougar XR7, 4.6, 97Kmi, $2500/bo

    97 Cougar XR7 for sale, 4.6V8, 97K miles, green with tan leather interior, sport suspension, 16" 7-spoke wheels. Runs and drives great, good NJ state inspection. This was my girlfriend's daily driver for the past year, but she wanted something smaller and 4-doors, so I got her an Infiniti, and...
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    WTT Black Vynil recovered SC seats for black cloth SC seats

    Kind of a long-shot here, but the seats in my 90 SC were recovered by the previous owner with the vynil kit from supercoupeperformance. There is no damage to any of the seats, but I don't like leather seats let alone vynil, so if anyone has a set of black cloth SC seats they would like to trade...
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    1995 Tbird LX 4.6 80K miles, $2500 I bought this car with a blown head gasket and swapped in another low mileage 4.6 that I had. The car runs and drives flawlessly, no smoking or noises at all. Previous owner did all of the following -Rebuilt front suspension -New dynomax exhaust...