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  1. Tim Groth

    Current Prices for "Nice" Super Coupes

    If memory serves me Ira Robinsons Peral white 95 SC 5spd sold for 12k roughly on Bring a Trailer. His car had all the bells, whistles and SCU go fast fun parts to boot. Wasnt a true 5spd car but again up there with one of the nicest in the club. Ken Wagner's turbo build SC brought similar...
  2. Tim Groth

    Radiator replacement

    All super coupes 89-95 have the same style radiator. Typically you're just sold the radiator core and the frame that goes around the IC is moved over from the original radiator. None are welded either, all bolt on just as you have shown in the picture. Hope that helps. -Tim
  3. Tim Groth

    1995 Clean Auto Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe

    Nice looking SC. 1 of 628 in 1995, my cars twin. -Tim
  4. Tim Groth

    WTB: 1989-1993 Ford Keys (to try in my locks).

    How's your thunderbird SC video coming along? -Tim
  5. Tim Groth

    Vogtland 3/4" to 1" lowering springs

    I've lowered all my cars and doing so has had no impact to the ARC shocks. An alignment is suggested. -Tim
  6. Tim Groth

    35 TH. Ann.

    Sweet SC! -Tim
  7. Tim Groth

    91 XR-7 brake system

    I believe the 91 and 92 5.0 cougars have teeves braking system for they also had the auto ride suspension. -Tim
  8. Tim Groth

    Supercharger whine

    An aluminum cold air intake with cone filter will make the blower sounds more noticeable. -Tim
  9. Tim Groth

    ISO Ebrake cable

    I've looked everywhere and can't find them, they must have found the trash can during a spring cleaning. -Tim
  10. Tim Groth

    "Dream Build" 20 years later

    Your post inspired me to pick up the camera and make some new content. Hope this helps. -Tim
  11. Tim Groth

    1994 Ford Thunderbird SC for sale in San Antonio

    Can you expand on "significant rust". -Tim
  12. Tim Groth

    ISO Ebrake cable

    I'm pretty confident I have the cable already pulled from a prior members request that ghosted afterwards. Let me check...I may have tossed it. -Tim
  13. Tim Groth

    Rock Auto Discount Code

    Good till 9/8/2023 240465945209605800
  14. Tim Groth

    Introduction from new SC owner

    Sorry to hear this news, my condolences to you and your family. As many have already stated Ken was a great wealth of knowledge and a real asset to this club. He will be deeply missed. There's a decent group of SC owners passed and present in VA, WVA, DE, MD area ...if we can ever be of any...
  15. Tim Groth

    Want to join in but have a lot of questions

    94/95 in 5spd form is tough to find and usually bring a premium because of that rarity. Swap parts are usually available on the boards but are getting harder to find. Super coupe performance is about it for performance off the shelf parts. Super Coupes Unlimited (SCU) Dave Dalke can also...
  16. Tim Groth

    Nothing new just posting

    Good to see you're still around these parts Keith. How's retirement treating ya? -Tim
  17. Tim Groth

    Cooling fan no power

    So without the AC in use your fans cycle as they should and Temps are normal? Also Temps are normal with AC on? I'm pretty confident that coolant temp sensor is integrated in some form into the fans cycling with ac on and ac off. I've owned roughly 40 supercoupes and have never had a fusible...
  18. Tim Groth

    Head gaskets

    In terms of gaskets I typically just purchase the head gaskets and the intake manifold gasket set. Both are very inexpensive on rock auto. If you buy the entire head gasket kit you get a bunch of gaskets that you'll like like not even need i.e. throttle body gasket, IAC, TPS, etc... way to...
  19. Tim Groth

    Cooling fan no power

    Have you replaced the coolant temp sensor on the intake manifold. Front left corner? I'd start there if it were me. -Tim
  20. Tim Groth


    I think a 95 is more reliable. The 89-92s SCs have a brake system thats prone to fail with the Teaves system. Also as mentioned the crank sensor is a hard to find item. DIS modules as well. Those 3 items are the reason I personally buy only 93-95 SCs...less big ticket items. -Tim