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    Complete Black 92' interior

    Interested in top portion of dash The one in my car has split and am in need of a new one. Cost to 28655 please Bump
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    In search of

    Email sent on bumper. Any luck on dash top or whole dash if pricing is right?
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    WTB parts for 1991 SC

    Front bumper cover with sc logo Black dash top section Door speaker covers
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    Complete Black 92' interior

    Door speaker covers and dash pad Please tell me you have these parts.....I am searching frantically for the dash pad. I have a 91 & can get the $ to you asap
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    In search of

    New dash top in black for 1991 SC. Also SC embossed front bumper cover for same car. Doesn't matter the color as I can get it painted.
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    80mmy Throttle Body and 10% SC Pulley

    Do you still have the OD pulley? If so, I am interested in it.
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    Hello NC Guys

    Hey from Burke County Hey guys! I just repurchased my original hot rod - my 1991 SC. I bought it originally in 1995, my wife & I had our first date in the car, left the church the day of our wedding in the car, and then sold it in 2001. Last year, while recovering from back surgery I found my...
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    1989 SC Engine, Electrical & Interior Components/Parts Los Angeles, 90062

    Dash cover? Beginning a restoration project on my 1991, & looking for a black dash top. Have you got one? If so, shipping to 28655 please. Thanks in advance