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  1. Creighton

    Rock Auto Discount Code

    Anyone have a current code? Thanks. Creighton
  2. Creighton


    Welcome and Thanks for saving a 95-5. Also not getting the picture I want to upload. This one is old. Have it's twin except Mocca leather interior. Also needs some work. The Marti report on 95-5's is always of interest if so inclined. Creighton
  3. Creighton

    Long time owner...looking for a Ripper shifter for the M5R2

    Great news! Replied on MeWe. Creighton
  4. Creighton

    Rear shock tower braces.

    Yes, Thanks. Creighton
  5. Creighton

    Rear shock tower braces.

    Hope You are on the mend soon. No rush at all on mine. Creighton
  6. Creighton

    Rear shock tower braces.

    Hi Ron, Hope all is well Your way. I need one more, primer fine. Sadly shows canceled so will need it shipped. Zero rush. Let me know a total to 99212. Thanks and take care! Creighton
  7. Creighton

    Long time owner...looking for a Ripper shifter for the M5R2

    Someone on the FB page is working on what looks to be a very nice replacement. Have not seen an update in awhile though. Hope it becomes available. Creighton
  8. Creighton

    AC reinstalled on my 91 SC along with a couple more upgrades....

    Outstanding build! Thanks for the update. Creighton
  9. Creighton

    shoebox tbird?!

    This is the best looking one I've seen. Neighbor has one it is just body panels everything else stock. Creighton
  10. Creighton

    At the tire shop.

    So the youngster saw the 95 SC motor in the back of the van. Asked what it was going in, A SC. "Dude those kill in something lighter". A good laugh on the day. Creighton
  11. Creighton

    Greatings from upstate ny

    Welcome and very nice! Creighton
  12. Creighton

    Daily Driver 91 SC

    Very Nice!! I'm in Spokane ever this way let me know. Creighton
  13. Creighton

    New exhaust and dyno video 91 SC

    Very nice!!
  14. Creighton

    Big thanks to David Dalke! Super Coupe Unlimited.

    He took the time to review a "rebuilt" 10k engine I bought. Caught a crank bearing issue and upgraded head gaskets. Amazing amount of cool things at the shop. Creighton
  15. Creighton

    Help! Rescue me, please!

    Glad it has found a new home!! Creighton
  16. Creighton

    2019 Calendar

    Mine arrived today. Great job. Thanks! Creighton
  17. Creighton

    Midwest Bash / Shoot Out 2019

    Thanks! Hope can make it. Creighton
  18. Creighton

    I Broke My Jacking Points Today

    Great photos. Thanks. Creighton
  19. Creighton

    Rockauto discount code

    9289209987563139 Good until Nov. 25
  20. Creighton

    Has anyone seen this?

    Thanks! That is a document that is great when SC broken and not bad idea to read when all "seems" well !! Creighton