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  1. 89XR7TD

    Gasoline smell when full. Might be hose that connects left and right side of gas tank?

    Sometimes it's the rubber seal in between the fuel pumper sender and locking ring
  2. 89XR7TD

    94 T-Bird SC "NO START", no fuel.

    Did it start doing it right after new fuel pump?
  3. 89XR7TD

    Anyone want this stuff?

    Mike, how's it going buddy? I haven't been on here for awhile but just saw your post. What's up with the engine? Maybe I'll call ya soon! Tom Downs
  4. 89XR7TD

    2800-3000 Stall AOD Converter

    Forgot to put SOLD!!!
  5. 89XR7TD

    2800-3000 Stall AOD Converter

    Thanks again David!!! Great info!
  6. 89XR7TD

    Finally Joined

    Looking good, sounding good!!!!
  7. 89XR7TD

    Virtual meet or shootout of sorts?

    Reminds me of the old chat rooms from many moons ago!!! Ricardo's bringing chat rooms back....Get up ;)
  8. 89XR7TD

    2800-3000 Stall AOD Converter

    Up for sale is a well built 9.5" torque converter non lock up for AOD is used 400$ Shipped in U.S. bought from a member/admin on here but never took out of the box
  9. 89XR7TD

    Any interest in 2022 Calendar?

    Yes, think I missed last year's calendar for the first time, don't want to miss another! No new pics to send though Jim :-(
  10. 89XR7TD

    WTB: rear caliper relocation brackets

    Thanks a lot Dave as always!! Received the brackets wicked fast, greatly appreciated!
  11. 89XR7TD

    WTB: rear caliper relocation brackets

    Thanks for the info Tim!! And thanks to David for having these in stock! Good deal!
  12. 89XR7TD

    WTB: rear caliper relocation brackets

    Hey Dave, ok thanks for the info and I will take them, I think I still have your paypal from before.... Also was wondering if I change the hubs to mustang and can use the abs gear with the tbird sensors? Thanks!
  13. 89XR7TD

    WTB: rear caliper relocation brackets

    Hey guys/DD I'm looking for the relocation brackets if anyone has them laying around and not going to use them? Don't need them right away but collecting parts for future brake swaps, Thanks! Which are better to use, the stock Tbird calipers or the mustang?
  14. 89XR7TD

    Steps to build a Double Intercooler

    Hey, been long time man!!! Remember when you were in NJ and stopped over to get some parts off my white 89 XR7, the rear swaybar and the grill....You were studying for the Bar Exam I think at the time, crazy how we remember certain things!:)
  15. 89XR7TD

    The Big E thread!

    Good to see you on here again, Ed!!!
  16. 89XR7TD

    What's in the box?!

    Now thats funny stuff right there!!! :)
  17. 89XR7TD

    What's in the box?!

    Looks like the Snap-On scanners I sold to a few people on here years ago that had the MT2500 Scanner and all the keys and cartridges inside...
  18. 89XR7TD

    Carlisle was fun seeing some of ya again!!! some new faces as well!

    Even though I only went on Saturday it was still a blast seeing you guys and gals!!!! Hope to have my car there next year and to be there from Thursday to Sunday! Until next year, enjoy everyone!
  19. 89XR7TD

    Hopefully when this heat is gone I will get motivation to finish the SC

    I haven't messed with my SC all summer due to being very hot and or working or rain, so hopefully September brings me to finish the motor swap and get it running finally!!!! I know the reward will be great after all said and done but doing everything yourself and no friends coming over to help...