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    Car show boarda

    Tim, ask Ralph he has a nice one he had made. You've seen it
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    Look at a Vehicle for me in Western Virginia (Staugton)?

    Hi Peter....I can most likely take a look at the car for you. Ralph J Graul told me to contact you. Can you text me more info? 540-683-5765. Chris C.
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    5.0L swap questions.

    You would find info on TCCOA...I thought both clubs got along. Then again seems like a lot of newbs go to facebook. I am more into the website lol.
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    You know you've hit rock bottom when....

    You know you've hit rock bottom when you are so desperate you setup a GOFUND-ME I don't know what else to do. I lost my job not too long ago then my wife lost her job. We have both just started new jobs but we are so behind on bills now that we might lose our house, wifes car, will most likely...
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    Car randomly shuts off while driving

    Hey Tim.... didn't I give you a packet of the service history of the car? If not I might still have it I will take a look. Chris V might remember what I had him replace on the car as well. Chris C.
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    2016 CArlisle Winners!!!

    Here is the video of me winning the wing challenge lol
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    2016 CArlisle Winners!!!

    For the modified bird class I got 3rd Damon....John Miller gave me his pass since he couldn't bring his car :) Still can't believe this is my second 3rd place lol Chris C. 2016 Carlisle wing champ lmao
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    Carlisle 2016 Saturday night dinner

    lol.... Who has the video of me eating the wings? Chris C. AKA Chris Too
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    2016 Carlisle

    Thanks Miller ...Pass is gone everybody. J saved my ~~~ this year !! See everybody at Carlisle !! Chris C.
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    Calling J Dot Miller...where are you? lol

    Miller.....Please call me or can somebody get ahold of him? Would like to talk to him about the Carlisle pass. Chris C. or 540-305-4741.
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    2016 Carlisle

    Hey Miller.... your PM box is full lol. Anway, Chris Vining told me you had a pass for the weekend? I've been trying to make extra money by selling a few antiques etc... so I can make it this weekend. I'll be heading out with Ralph Graul in the morning hopefully. I'll take that pass and could...
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    Carlisle 2016 Saturday night dinner

    Trying my best to make it !! Chris C.
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    My red 93 SC with 5.0L conversion for sale (pix)

    Hey bro, hit me up !! Sent you an E-mail on CL. Send me a text or call me. 540-305-4741 Chris C. ( You helped me get my '78 Cobra and Turbo know me mofo lmao)
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    My totaled '89 SC Daily Driver

    Holy crap Tim ! I had no idea there was rust in that spot !! My bad. I bought it from a used car dealership near fredricksburg I think they said the car was a NC OR SC car but not 100% on that. Just remember if you ever sell it you better call me first !! If I can't get it back maybe Chris V...
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    Lots more parts for sale

    Do you have a driver side interior door handle that's in good shape? Shipping would be to 22630 Chris C.
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    Just got ENGAGED !!

    Well I sold my white SC 5-speed to Tim Groth. I just have my '91 Thunderbird that has everything my '94 Lincoln Mark Vlll. I will have another SC but it will be a '94-95 SC 5-speed though it will be awhile. Liz said she wouldn't mind having a Bird or Mark as a daily... I got her to ditch the...
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    Just got ENGAGED !!

    Thanks bro !!
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    Just got ENGAGED !!

    Well I just proposed to Elizabeth Schimmel​ and she said YES !!! I feel so blessed to have her in my life. Now the planning begins =-) Chris C.
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    Black sticky goo oozing from my shifter handle. (auto)

    I have the same problem with my shifter... The OD button is melting away and dripping down onto the center console. Very sticky stuff and I also would like to know how to clean it up safely. Chris C.
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    I tried 2 speakers that spare gave me...plugged in but no sound. I am going to try the others this week/weekend, really hope they work lol. Chris C.