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  1. nmcbchief

    2018 Epic Drive

    No hotel for me. I am bringing a tent and hitting a local campground.
  2. nmcbchief

    maybe trade 95mm TB and 4" intake for 85mm TB and 3.5" intake

    I have an 85mm and 3.5 intake with slot maf.
  3. nmcbchief

    MPII with plenum

    MPII with plenum for sale. On a stock engine it made 260rwhp 330rwtq. MP plenum and supercharger were once polished and can be again if you have the time to put into it. No top unless you want a stock one. $500 plus shipping.
  4. nmcbchief

    Epic Drive Poll

    I am all for this! Friday night at the shootour a handful of us went to an old style drive in restaurant and had a great time. Getting together only once a year just isnt enough. Some of us find ourselves attending other events to "fill in".
  5. nmcbchief

    2016 Shootout Dyno Competition sign-up list

    I'll take #3 or whatever is available. Doesnt matter to me.
  6. nmcbchief

    Tubular K-Member (Round 2)

    Look at the mounts for a 97 F150 4.2L. I think these would work much better than our Stock ones.
  7. nmcbchief

    Fuel pump intermittant.....

    IRCM fixed my fuel pump issue. I know it doesn't have a relay for the fuel pump but it does for the eec.
  8. nmcbchief

    1990 Ford Thunderbird

    nmcbchief submitted a new Showcase Item: 1990 Ford Thunderbird Read more about this showcase item here...
  9. nmcbchief

    So what do you guys have left to do for the shootout???

    Good luck to everyone this year. Even though I live in Lexington I won't be at the shootout.
  10. nmcbchief

    94 sc heads

    Valve covers for the 94 will not work on the 93 heads. The 94-95 heads were more prone to crack due to heat treating them from the manufacturer. I would use the heads and valve covers off the 93 if it were me.
  11. nmcbchief

    Tubular K-Member (Round 2)

    Sure wish this would have happened.
  12. nmcbchief

    Sloid axle on a budget!

    Few questions as I am trying to get mine figured out. What c clip eliminator did you use? Did you install any sub frame connectors? Where did you get the bar and guides to install the c clip eliminators?
  13. nmcbchief

    Differential for sale

    Mark VIII rear differential (aluminum) with 3.90 gears professionally setup and only has 200 miles on it. I am going a different route so my loss is your gain. $450 for diff. and aluminum lower control arms $100 for diff cover brace $175 for rear spindles drilled for 5x4.5 They have...
  14. nmcbchief

    Sloid axle on a budget!

    Sounds like you have a plan. My car will also go this route if I can get around to it this winter. Not sure on what axles out there will work but there are a ton of Explorers in the local u pull it. I will be following your build.
  15. nmcbchief

    SC themostat pipe

    I am in the process of making some 3/16 steel backing plates welded to the thermostat housing to eliminate this problem. PM me if interested
  16. nmcbchief

    any ideas on the weather for the shoot out??

    Looks like 3" of snow Saturday afternoon.
  17. nmcbchief

    any ideas on the weather for the shoot out??

    30% rain Friday and Saturday, Sunday 70 and partly sunny.
  18. nmcbchief

    2015 Shootout Registration is OPEN

    Don't you have to be at the driver's meeting Saturday evening to run your car?
  19. nmcbchief

    Decent Drag Wheel ideas

    I already have the 15x8 with 28/10.50-15. I really ought to pick up a set for the front.
  20. nmcbchief

    Decent Drag Wheel ideas

    What size tire are you going to use?