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    I did some research and that is what I'm going to do. I bought an Aqua Mist kit with a low fluid level sensor.
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    Sunroof or No

    I am a yes. I like having options. :cool:
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    how old are SC owners

    One more vote for the 40+ group
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    Air conditioner problem

    Blower motors go bad. Usually they first start getting weak like you noticed. Then they just stop. Just get a replacement at a Pick and Pull.
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    1993 sc first timer, ambitious build

    I have seen some re-bodied cars at Cars and Coffee in Plano that were really cool. Please post pictures as you progress.
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    New '93 SC 'Owner' With Some Questions.

    After you have cleaned the contacts, be sure and put some dielectric grease
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    New SC owner (sort of)

    I've always been a Ford guy, but new to the SC. I'm also looking for meet other SC owners.
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    New sc a few pics

    I'm starting my first SC project and am interested in that feedback.
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    new 89 xr7 sc owner would like info

    Kooks headers I looked at the Kooks web site and I could not find anything listed for the SC.
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    tx- killeen any enthusiast

    How about dallas?