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    abs power relay failure

    I believe that a bad ABS relay will cause a dim antilock light. At least that was my situation when I removed the relay while trying to diagnose am antilock fault.
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    Possible coolant hose malfunction on the intake side?

    From your 5th pic, it looks the heater line that consists of rubber hose and steel tubing. I believe the part is obsolete but using a dremel you can cut the rubber hose from the tubing and replace it with a short piece of heater hose and a clamp.
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    SC spotted, what's the odds?

    A couple of weeks ago I passed a 94/95 with polished stock wheels being driven by a guy who looked to be in 60's
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    Another Cooling Thread

    Remove the 180 and replace with the stock (192 I think) t-stat. I believe when doing the koeo test the fan switches so quickly its hard to notice. I don't think that the fan will kick on with the ac if the system isn't charged.
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    I have a 95 sc and it runs extremely hot like top of the gauge and guzzles gas

    If you're running a 180 degree t-stat with the stock fan temp settings, that's not helping your running hot problem. I'd run the stock t-stat unless you know for sure the fan temp settings have been lowered.
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    Possible blown motor

    Blown head gaskets? Best to do a compression check and go from there.
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    What do people say about your Super Coupe?

    Once in awhile its "I haven't seen one of these in years" but other than that its mostly looks of confusion.
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    Restoring a 1994 Thunderbird SC after sitting for 10 years

    Good luck! Post up some pics when you get a chance.
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    WTB 89-92 ABS computer and front wheel sensors

    Hey Tony, the ABS computer is still in the package tray, so I don't have the numbers at the moment. I was under the impression they were the same from 89-92. I'll let you know as soon as can get it out. Does the wiring on the sensors go all the way back to the connector? Thanks. Yea....I...
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    WTB 89-92 ABS computer and front wheel sensors

    Title says it all. Thanks, Mike
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    Need odometer removal advice

    I never had any luck with removing the needle. It can be done without removing the needle. Unfortunately, it's been so long since I've done it, I can't remember how.
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    Suspension, 1990 SC.

    Check with Bill at SCP. He offers a myriad of suspension parts from bushings to springs to shocks. Also, XR7Dave offers a Delrin bushing set for the rear that is supposed to eliminate wheel hop.
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    1991 Car Shop Manual (I can help)

    What code reader do you have? Mine is an Actron and its suppose to work. The ABS connector doesn't use the extra wire that the EEC uses. You use the paper clip to jump 2 of the terminals within the ABS plug. I can't remember which ones because its been over a year since I tried, but the...
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    1991 Car Shop Manual (I can help)

    Have you tried the code reader on your 91? From what I've read on here and from google searches you should be able to use a paper clip or an actron code reader to pull ABS codes. Unfortunately, like you, I'm having the same problem pulling codes so if you do figure out the solution, please post...
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    Suggestions on chip for my 90 sc?

    For tuning contact XR7Dave
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    Just re-bought my SC - Now it's a huge project

    Well 400hp is doable but its going to take deep pockets if you're not mechanically inclined. For starters, it'll require heads, cam, intake, a better blower than an M90, bigger injectors, bigger fuel pump, tune and so on. First and foremost, you should probably consider rebuilding the...
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    Your options are build one, pay someone to build one or look for a used one in the classifieds. The only off the shelf kit was made by Magnum Powers and Charles stopped making them years ago.
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    What to look out for when buying an SC

    Rusty rockers....usually hidden by the gfx.
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    What are my options for shocks?

    Another option is the qa1 kit that Bill from super coupe performance sells.
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    What are my options for shocks?

    SC shocks have been discontinued for quite sometime and I don't believe they are rebuildable. Your only options are using regular shocks for an LX.