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    New Engine - New Best!

    thanks a nice run .
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    WTB Rear Hubs or Knuckles 5x4.5 pattern .

    WTB Rear Hubs or Knuckles 5x4.5 pattern . Thanks
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    Looking for rear seat belt buckles.

    I dont even have em long story lol
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    Looking for rear seat belt buckles.

    One member is sending me some if anything changes i will let you know thanks.
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    Looking for rear seat belt buckles.

    Iam looking for rear buckles for my 94 tbird preferred in gray
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    Looking for rear seat belt buckles.

    I am looking for rear buckles for a 1994 tbird preferred gray
  7. J

    sc clutch pedal assembly

    if yo have one send me a pm .
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    And you thought i was never going to do it??? HA!

    I have meet some of you at the shoot out and i have known Miki for long time and i know one thing he has for sure is the love for him car and the mn12's there has been many times that we talk and i tell him i want to start something new and he says do whatever but ur not selling your tbird . He...
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    with ford builder ending production

    Hey Will thanks for sending me the article and for posting it on here you did a good job writing it . Jurgen
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    2007 SC-Shootout PICS!

    That one is Mine . Jurgen
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    Home from the shootout

    Made it home about 1 am . Jurgen
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    Stainless Steel Brake Lines - Official GP!

    i need the rr brake line or maybe both if someone has em send me a PM
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    Weld wheels 15x4 and 15x8 6" b/s .

    I have talk to a few wheel companies to make some custom wheels for our mn12 and mark VIII's. check this thread out for more info with the help of Brad (cudaz101 ) weld wheels said they might make some wheels if we have 20-25 people...
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    Anyone interested in a Michigan Chapter Jurgen
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    FS 2 17x7.5 or 4 17x7.5 or Trade for 2 17x9 (Chrome)

    I am looking to sell 2 of my 17x7.5 or trade for some 17x9 or sell all four of them they are 17x7.5 chrome cobra rims and are like new no scraches or chrome pealing if interested shoot a pm . Check this link for pics or my site . Jurgen
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    Aluminum spare wheel's.

    I am looking for a couple of aluminum spare's pm me or send me a email . Jurgen
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    milan dragway meet

    we have a meet on the 22nd of this month guys we like to see some sc's jurgen
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    WANTED sc crankshaft and tbody

    i am looking for a sc crank shaft and tbody if some one has something in good condition send me a pm thanks . Jurgen
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    milan dragway meet

    just let me know guys i'll try to make it Jurgen
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    April Michigan Meet at Milan Drag Way

    whats up guys i though i post this here for some of you that might want to come . Jurgen