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  1. psychicmechanic

    Introduction from new SC owner

    Lee, please accept my condolences. I'm here in Portland and while Kne and I never met - I can say that I know Ken would more than approve of you taking such great care of his car. That road trip was a fitting tribute.
  2. psychicmechanic

    What's your biggest ever "screw up" while working on your SC?

    Broke a chunk of bellhousing off the trans doing the engine r&r on the 91 SC. Just left it like that though. Don't tell anyone.
  3. psychicmechanic

    1990 SC for sale, Portland Oregon

    Hope it goes to an enthusiast. BTW i have 7 cars including the SC and a looonngg driveway. I'm in PDX so ill let send anyone I hear of your way.
  4. psychicmechanic

    Rear back glass with good Defrost - 1991 SC

    Yeah I may have to do that, quoted $390.00. There is one in a pick-n-pull near hear but I've been to busy to go cut it out, maybe this weekend.
  5. psychicmechanic

    m90s, heads, leftover parts

    Will buy the heads and pay whatever it costs to box/ship.
  6. psychicmechanic

    Rear back glass with good Defrost - 1991 SC

    Looking to buy a rear back glass for my 1991 SC, must have a good defrost grid. Will pay shipping, boxing if you have one to sell. Bruce Wagstaff
  7. psychicmechanic

    Message in a bottle

    Here is a picture from when I first found Thumper sad and lonely at the donation lot, paying 800 bucks...down from the 1000 they were asking. Got a call over the weekend from Thumpers original owner. (See prior post where I mailed him the credit card from 1992 that I found in the door cavity)...
  8. psychicmechanic

    New owner of a beautiful 91 black bird

    I did my motor last summer. was an awesome resource for parts and knowledge.
  9. psychicmechanic

    Daily Driver 91 SC

    Current status: I rebuilt the engine last summer with some hop-ups. Interior WAS spotless until I dumped a full peppermint mocha. Taking the carpet out for soundproofing anyways. Completing alarm and stereo system install Full soundproofing install Needs 1 inch lowering springs ordered and...
  10. psychicmechanic

    Message in a bottle

    Dear Mr. Zilke, Please see the enclosed Chevron Travel credit card I believe belongs to you. I found it deep inside the driver’s door framework of my 1991 Supercoupe while performing some stereo and soundproofing upgrades. It’s unfortunate that your old gas card most likely can’t buy you gas...
  11. psychicmechanic

    Old crank shaft reuse

    Sir, you just taught and an old mechanic a new (probably old) trick. Proof that you learn something new every day. BTW, Portland Engine Rebuilders there off of I-5 did my crank, rods and heads. All checked out perfect when plastigauged and measured. ~Psychic~
  12. psychicmechanic


    I work in Vancouver (off of 4th Plain) - Let me know if you need any help. I did the engine complete on my 91 SC "Thumper" in the space of 2 months and a couple of weekends. If i had waited it would still be in my driveway as well. Would love to swing by one day, even if it just to chat.
  13. psychicmechanic

    Salem, Oregon, 2020 Car Show

    Still super smokey here in PDX, maybe even worse this morning, and its not much better inside. My son and I worked outside on the Supercoupe all weekend and got the engine finished. The filthy air made the last part of this repair a little unpleasant. Couple details to tidy up - but runs good...
  14. psychicmechanic

    Salem, Oregon, 2020 Car Show

    Thanks for that, I will let you know when I do the break in drive. Just about another half day of wrenching left. ~Psychic~
  15. psychicmechanic

    Exaust Manifold Gasket Question - stock manifold

    You know the coolant pipe that brackets onto to the passenger side exhaust manifold? Yeah that thing was a Pain in the @#$ - so I chopped it off - life is so much easier now. Tie straps FTW. Just need to install the accessory brackets and bolt some pipes and things back on. Prime and fire...
  16. psychicmechanic

    Exaust Manifold Gasket Question - stock manifold

    I spent today getting together stuff I should have gotten together already: oil, supercharger oil, coolant, bypass coolant hoses. Couple odds and ends. Cleaned up the garage a little. Dumped fresh oil down my shoe. ARP top and bottom, stage 2 comp cam, 10% pully and some goodies from the...
  17. psychicmechanic

    Exaust Manifold Gasket Question - stock manifold

    Awesome thank you Ken. Will be dropping it in tonight.
  18. psychicmechanic

    Exaust Manifold Gasket Question - stock manifold

    Dumb question and I should know this. When I took the engine apart a month or two ago Im pretty sure I remember there being no exhaust manifold gaskets on the factory exhaust manifolds. I have the exhaust manifold machined and now that I'm going back together there are manifold gaskets in the...
  19. psychicmechanic

    Salem, Oregon, 2020 Car Show

    Ken - Ill be dropping my engine in this weekend - maybe after I get the SC cleaned up I can come park next to you so I can get 2nd place. I'm just up the road from ya in PDX. ~Psychic~
  20. psychicmechanic

    1991 Ford Thunderbird

    psychicmechanic submitted a new Showcase Item: 1991 Ford Thunderbird Read more about this showcase item here...