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    Carbon Fiber Blockers - what lube

    I would try the Dex III as 75w80 is really thick stuff. Hopefully it helps since you have new blocker rings you shouldn't be getting any grinding with a proper fluid. I can't remember what we put in mine but it shifted good, just notchy on the 1-2 which I disliked and has had me wanting to...
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    how old are SC owners

    I'm about to turn 41 in November. Been here since 1999 with my black 92 5-speed which I still have.
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    New Member, Taking over my uncle’s SC

    93 has the better ABS system so that's one less headache. These engines aren't really that complicated once you get to know them. If the deal is right I'd jump on it.
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    1990 5 Speed Supercoupe 104k miles Red (Southern California)

    I'm in Utah and could do the head gasket job at my house. You'd have to get the car to me.
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    ABS Conversion

    I just used the TBird MC and I just had to cut the fitting off one line and re-flare it.
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    Switching ABS to Conventional.

    I used a base model thunderbird booster and master. I've bled the hell out of it but my pedal goes down almost to the floor before the brakes grab. Not sure if I need a spacer or something? Or maybe I need to take the master back off and bench bleed it and start all over again. I had to...
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    Just Bought 91 SC 5 Sp.

    Welcome! Nice looking car. I've had 2 titanium SC's over the years. For parts and modifications always check first. Bill Evanoff (former President of SCCoA) is the owner of Super Coupe Performance and is very knowledgeable and helpful with these cars. If you...
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    Starter cranks when engine is running

    I fixed it. Mine had the alternator connection on the wrong terminal of the starter solenoid. I replaced the starter, the solenoid, the ignition switch in column, ignition key cylinder, and the battery. When I hooked up the fender solenoid I connected it the way the previous owner had it which...
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    Starter cranks when engine is running

    Looks like my white/gray thick wire with ring terminal might be on the wrong side. Not sure what that goes to though.
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    Starter cranks when engine is running

    On my 89 SC I drug out of a field it needed a lot of love. Ignition key was missing, started with a screwdriver and the ignition switch was falling apart. I put a new battery, new ignition switch, new key and cylinder, new starter, new fender starter solenoid, and new alternator. Now when the...
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    1990 Anniversary SC 26,700 original miles (lowered price)

    I've only seen a couple of SC's in Utah since I moved here almost 10 years ago. Nice car. Wish I had room for it but I have 7 cars here and only a 2 car garage and that is too nice to leave outside.
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    Any so Cal. Supercoupe owners ever meet up?

    Just saw this. I ended up going to the August event but I didn't take my SC. Still not done yet, it's been in the garage all year, but it runs but not ready to go down the track and isn't road ready yet.
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    Need opinions on this 95 5spd

    $3000 max would be my offer. Explain to him it's not running 100%, needs paint, etc. 10 PSI you should feel it come alive.
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    Broke Nipple for Boost Gauge off Engine Side. Please Help.

    Well now you have a vacuum leak as well which is not good. You can either seal it up and drill and tap it for a new fitting, or just replace the plenum. Either way you need to take the return plenum off the car. They are cheap enough to replace. Find someone parting a car.
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    Bleeding from the snout. Blown Supercharger?

    You can hold the pulley hex nut and loosen the shaft nut, or just hit the shaft nut with an impact wrench in reverse. The latter is easiest. Use a 3 jaw puller to remove the pulley from the snout. When installing do not use an impact, install with hand tools.
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    Not mine, but here is the link

    Sold for $15,250
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    Harmonic Balancer Wobble?

    I had a balancer snap off my old 90 SC. I had to drill into it and break it off the crank in pieces. Pain in the ass. Had to drill the bolt out of the crank and use an extractor. At the time BHJ was all that was available so I bought that one and a set of ASP under drive pulleys and a new...
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    Sorry I just saw your reply. I'll send you a private message.
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    I'm interested in the 5% SC pulley. I just got an SC that appears stock but has a 10% on it and I think that might be a bit much for now.