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  1. darkstar_one

    burnt tranny?

    The problem ended up being the whole damn car. It was a learning experience that ended with me swearing to never ever buy domestic again. So many wasted nights. These cars were discontinued for a reason. Buy a dog, take a trip around the world, or get a girlfriend. Just get rid of it.
  2. darkstar_one

    Case Of The Missing Coolant... Part 3

    yeah i did. i bought a new car. :p
  3. darkstar_one

    Tamper Proof Torx Bit

    dont know if ya got to it, but craftsman has this little set with different types of torx bits... comes in a red plastic box... pretty cool... has like maybe more than 50+ bits... should yield a low price right now because of the sales going on... enjoi..
  4. darkstar_one

    SO-CAL's Easy Wheel Hop Delete Mod

    use an impact wrench... 15mm socket if i am not mistaken...
  5. darkstar_one

    SO-CAL's Easy Wheel Hop Delete Mod

    uh huh, the rebuild was more than the cars worth... walked into a mazda dealer and got zero percent financing and zero down payment... happy with my MAZDA6
  6. darkstar_one

    SO-CAL's Easy Wheel Hop Delete Mod

    sure did... until my life went down the crap hole... went through severe depression... had the t-birds junked... picked up a taurus... transmission died... bought a brand new MAZDA6... and never looked back.... :D
  7. darkstar_one

    Flasher relay

    like i said, aftermarket is non existent... autozone, kragen, dont carry motorcraft parts besides spark plugs and oil filters and oil...
  8. darkstar_one

    Flasher relay

    its a dealer only part... aftermarkets are non-existent...
  9. darkstar_one

    MN12/FN10 Diff Cover Braces and Rear Shock Tower Braces

    race cougar! let me powder coat a set! for free too! just pay shipping!
  10. darkstar_one

    kneed every one here help

    thats noT really news right there...
  11. darkstar_one

    Who would pay Xr7dave for a tune?

    just let this thread die!
  12. darkstar_one

    a little bored tonight...

    i always cook it in the one i use to bake a cake in... no... you need a dedicated electrical oven... an electrical house oven will do.. i have mines in the garage... cost me around 50 bucks...
  13. darkstar_one

    Broken Schrader valve

    a picture would help, so you basically took off the whole valve (including its base) without damaging the fuel rail right?
  14. darkstar_one

    a little bored tonight...

    yey...... :cool:
  15. darkstar_one

    a little bored tonight...

    email sent!
  16. darkstar_one

    a little bored tonight...

    hurry i can only pick at my belly button for so long..
  17. darkstar_one

    a little bored tonight...

    pm me a picture of it... :D... yeah the next 6 months will definetely determine what i am in life... :o
  18. darkstar_one

    Transmission Fluid?

    speaking of which, did anyone try that tractor fluid?
  19. darkstar_one

    5-speed transmission

    its real hard to say, it might shift find when out of a vehicle, but when things start to rotate with the engine, the gremlins start to come out. Depending on how it was used, the synchros might be trashed, grinding gears...
  20. darkstar_one

    Broken Schrader valve

    so your whole fuel rail has a big piece missing?