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  1. J dot Miller

    Fast Freddie

    I sorry this is late but Fred Gross passed away on June 12th 2022. He was blessed with 11 Children. FREDERICK GROSS OBITUARY
  2. J dot Miller

    2300 TVS update

    When you washed the car you missed the spot on your hood with finger prints. :eek:
  3. J dot Miller

    Rear back glass with good Defrost - 1991 SC

    Places like Safelite sell glass.
  4. J dot Miller

    Coolant and brake leak

    I had mine rebuilt:
  5. J dot Miller

    ABS Accumulator

    If it was sitting for a long time it could be just a bunch of built up gunk. I cleaned this motor, replaced the brushes for the fun of it and it runs great.
  6. J dot Miller

    Stalling when coming to a stop with A/C on

    It was many years ago. I can only guess that it was a combination of low RPM, low speed fan short and compressor load. I did not solve the problem until after it was stalling every time I stopped at a light. It could have damaged my alternator as it was the same year I replaced my alternator...
  7. J dot Miller

    Stalling when coming to a stop with A/C on

    I had that problem before and the two speed fan motor had a short on one of the speeds. If you have a scanner you can test both of the fan speeds (yes your fan has a low and a high speed). If not put your AC on. Your low speed fan should turn on. If it does not then you are getting close to the...
  8. J dot Miller


    I have David Dalke spcial Truebenz (mandrelexhaustsystems) 2.5 true dual aluminumized steel exhaust with X-pipe with resonator long body 4x9 mufflers Magnaflow Mufflers (pn 11256 MagnaFlow 4" X 9" Oval Center/Offset Straight Through Performance Muffler) Magnaflow Cats (pn 94606).
  9. J dot Miller

    Front wheel speed/ABS sensor harnesses

    I replaced the short wheel sensor harness in my car. It worked until I wen through a car wash. I am convinced it is a wiring issue. I believe it is the wire harness that goes from the firewall, near the generator to the front of the car. The last time it worked I chnaged my oil filter...
  10. J dot Miller

    Door Warning Chime Module -- Causing Other Problems?

    Is this what you mean?
  11. J dot Miller

    EECIV Wanted

    Not sure what is correect. That data came from the MN12 Performance EEC Tuner guide downloaded 2007. The MN12 EEC Tuner User Guide from 2001 lists the following: I suggest checking
  12. J dot Miller

    2021 Saturday lunch shopping list

    Great job Rob and Joyce.
  13. J dot Miller

    2021 Saturday lunch shopping list

    Cookies it is. The Wife found some nice NJ Bakery cookies...
  14. J dot Miller

    EECIV Wanted

  15. J dot Miller

    2021 Saturday lunch shopping list

    Please let me know what to bring (I will buy in Carlisle). I hate to get something someone else already got.
  16. J dot Miller

    2021 Carlisle All Ford Nationals map

    Yippi! Cougars in only a few rows away so I do not have to bring a car to travel from one end of Carlisle to the other. :cool:o_O
  17. J dot Miller

    Just a test

    Test text. Poor Kitty...
  18. J dot Miller

    Jet performance plug in module

    The last time I heard about Jet was the mid 1990's. I would doubt that the the program in that Chip is up to the same standards as a chip we get now.
  19. J dot Miller

    2021 All Fords Carlisle

    I booked a room. This email came in if rooms run out:
  20. J dot Miller

    WTB 90 Cougar XR7 grill and hood

    In order to make mine I combined 3 grills to make one. You can find parts at ebay and tbscshop.