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  1. plethaus

    No start - Injectors won't fire

    That is strange that it won't run despite injectors ostensibly working, fuel pressure in the rail, and spark at each plug. At that point I would think some sort of timing problem (injector or ignition) related to the cam and/or crank sensors. It might be a good idea to pull the cam synchronizer...
  2. plethaus

    In search of T90P-50-ALA ABS bleeding tool

    This is kind of a long shot but I'm hoping someone might have one of these T90P-50-ALA tools available to rent (with a deposit) or possibly sell for a reasonable price.
  3. plethaus

    Wtb 91-92 pcm

    I need a 91-93 PCM from a car with EGR.
  4. plethaus

    93 Manual, w/93K miles $3,500 - Clyman, WI

    The sunroof I can understand, but why the hangup over a rear spoiler? It can be found and added very very easily.
  5. plethaus

    Benefits of being a paying member?

    The information archived in the members-only forums here is priceless. That alone is worth the membership. That being said, there are still very knowledgeable people here who browse and read the forums and respond to questions, though it may take a couple days.
  6. plethaus

    1993 Ford Thunderbird

    plethaus submitted a new Showcase Item: 1993 Ford Thunderbird Read more about this showcase item here...
  7. plethaus

    2019 Midwest Bash - Dyno Order

    I have never been inside Borchardt but I believe they do have a nice front end for their customers. Their shop is located in a very busy commercial district that has plenty of restaurants and stuff. edit: This place is very close by (a minute down the road) and their food is really good (they...
  8. plethaus

    2019 Midwest Bash - Head Count

    Which station has the 5 gal jugs Rich?
  9. plethaus

    After a VERY long hiatus, I'm back

    I'll have my turbo car there, Rich :D
  10. plethaus

    Facelift finally finished!

    That looks super nice. Hope you can make it to the bash :D
  11. plethaus

    2019 Midwest Bash - Head Count

    Looking forward to it.. it'll be cool to finally do something with my car :cool:
  12. plethaus

    Midwest Bash / Shoot Out 2019

    Awesome, Rich :D I've been to that cruise-in/show many times, it should be a good time for everyone.
  13. plethaus

    1989 SC for sale from Original Owner

    Haha, sorry. I meant the SC. I'm sure the BelAir does get way more attention, but I drive an SC because it gets MY attention. :D
  14. plethaus

    what happens when you have a foot of snow fall on your car?

    That sucks, must have been quite a shock to go outside and see that. The snow and ice this year has been pretty crazy.
  15. plethaus

    1989 SC for sale from Original Owner

    Those pics really remind me of why I still love these cars. :cool: Nothing else quite compares to this day.
  16. plethaus

    mid west bash is moving forward with great news...

    Thank you Rich (and everyone else) for the work you put into making this possible :)
  17. plethaus

    Midwest Bash / Shoot Out 2019

    I live about 45 mins away from Milwaukee and GLD. Hoping my car will be ready by then, but I'll be going either way. :)
  18. plethaus

    Out of Over 400 Cars, My SC makes the TOP 5 Editors Pick

    Congrats! Very nice SC you have there. Also I really like that they do an 80s/90s centric show. I hope that catches on more.
  19. plethaus

    Car Cover

    Same here. I have used Stormweave covers for years. They work wonders if you have to keep a car outside.
  20. plethaus

    1995 SC 5-sp

    Don't see anything..