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  1. Mercutio

    Black 94-98 Mustang steering wheel trim

    If you want to swap a Mustang steering wheel like the FR500 into your MN12, you'll need one of these trim pieces for the swap to look right. Any of them from a 94-04 Mustang will work, but black was only available from 94-98. 99-04 got dark gray. Anyone need/want one of these? $25 plus shipping...
  2. Mercutio


    A review of the Miata application on Grassroots Motorsports pegged these as absolute garbage: Relevant quote: "We tried a couple of different of damper settings. The discussion came up as to...
  3. Mercutio

    My new daily driver: non-SC content

    Thanks. And yeah, the SC and the 57 get the garage spots. If nothing else, red does poorly outside.
  4. Mercutio

    My new daily driver: non-SC content

    No, some kind of aftermarket floor mat that's either super expensive or a made-in-China knockoff. I can't tell. May replace w/Weathertech mats just because I've never had a car new/popular enough to have them available.
  5. Mercutio

    My new daily driver: non-SC content

    I've been driving a 98 Mark VIII the last 2.5 years, but I knew it was going to be a temporary solution. The other day it wouldn't start (guessing fuel pump or crank sensor), so I got mad. Then I got this: 2017 Cadillac ATS coupe. 3.6 V-6 w/335 hp, 8-speed auto, AWD. Premium Luxury package...
  6. Mercutio

    Farewell to TCCoA, hello birdcats!

    FWIW none of your Birdcats links are working for me. That's part of the problem. If it's on my end, let me know.
  7. Mercutio

    Farewell to TCCoA, hello birdcats!

    Could be I'm just not in the know, but I have no clue what's going on here.
  8. Mercutio

    94-96 Gauge cluster surround, tan, excellent shape, $200 + shipping

    I have a 94-96 gauge cluster surround that's one of the best I've ever seen. No broken mounting tabs. AC vent still attached and in great shape. Minor wear as you might expect on a 26 year old part, but overall it's fantastic. Only down side is it's not black, but some Krylon can fix that. I'm...
  9. Mercutio

    MN 12s in Movies

    I'm positive Kiss Kiss Bang Bang has an MN12, and I'm pretty sure it's an SC. I remember an episode of 21 Jump St. with an 89 Thunderbird LX that I'm sure Ford provided for the show. Richard Grieco's character was gushing over how great it was. Awkward product placement.
  10. Mercutio

    93' LX 5.0 V8 vs. 97' LX 3.8 V6

    Both prices are crazy town IMO.
  11. Mercutio

    Manual driver side seat tracks

    Sorry, the tracks just sold on eBay.
  12. Mercutio

    Want to join in but have a lot of questions

    It's not just the front end, though. The 94/95 have a better blower, better ABS system, and (IMO, anyway) better interior. It's also easier to upgrade the brakes on a 94/95 (or 93, to be fair) than an 89-92 because the spindles are different.
  13. Mercutio

    "Dream Build" 20 years later

    With a few exceptions (ie shocks) mechanical parts are easy to find. Interior & exterior trim, not so much. So I'd look for something that's been garaged and hasn't had all its plastics baked to death for 30 years.
  14. Mercutio

    The latest with my SC

    Thanks, Ricardo. I've stopped auto crossing competitely and sold my Camaro. I have my 57 as a hot rod and fun cruiser. It has decent power, but it's really more about style than actual speed. So at this point I view the SC as just a really fun street car, and I don't want to do anything to make...
  15. Mercutio

    The latest with my SC

    Thanks. I saw his thread and for now I can't give much more than a "maybe." But I'll keep it in mind and see what happens. I'd definitely like to see folks from the club again. Haven't seen anyone other than David Dalke since the last Epic Drive.
  16. Mercutio

    The latest with my SC

    Thanks. And speaking of weight, I put the SC on the scales tonight and it was 3,358. Was hoping for a tad less, but as I said, it's getting harder and harder to find weight to remove.
  17. Mercutio

    Junkyard 5x4.5 17x4" aluminum spare/drag wheel option

    During a semi-recent junkyard run, I discovered what I think is a better spare wheel/drag skinny option than 2005-up Mustang spares for guys who've swapped to 5x4.5 wheels. The part # is 3W13-1007-FE, and they came in 03-11 Town cars and 03-04 Marauders. They're 17x4 and come with a narrower...