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    kansas role call

    Springfield, Mo.... i know its not Kansas, but oh well... lol.
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    vacuum help please

    im pretty sure that's correct actually... vacuum holds it open which bypasses the supercharger, then when you get on the gas, you lose manifold vacuum, the valve shuts and forced the air from the supercharger into the engine, propelling you in to boost land. :) it it were backwards you would...
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    New Shootout New Cooollllloooorrrrrr!!!

    i was reading this and thought... Really? Army Green? REALLY? then i saw the pics... and after drooling for a moment decided to post and say very nice. I never expected to see an army green t-bird. but now that i have, i like it. :) You could do a light smoke on the lenses with...
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    XR7 Mystery

    Is the cam synchronizer/sensor timed correctly? I've seen those cause some weird issues... There should be info here somewhere of how to time the synchro correctly. If not, i can look in my shop manual software tomorrow and post it... Also is there a chance that the connector to the coil pack...
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    91 supercoupe $300 north miss.

    I'd also like to know this.
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    XR7 Mystery

    you say you have to wire it "wrong" to get it to run... which cylinder are you calling number 1? Number one is on the passenger side front... Number 4 is driver side front... so it's like this... Firewall 3 6 2 5 1 4 Radiator perhaps your thinking the cylinders...
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    Cleaned out one storage shed

    Steering wheel and Speedo/Odo arrived today, just as described (probably better, actually) Thanks a ton, i can pass inspection now, lol... Good guy right here, buy his stuff :D also, free bump :cool:
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    Check engine code 1407

    9.9 times out of 10 in my experience, those codes are caused by the DPFE sensor... I'm not sure where it's mounted on the 4.6, but its usually near the EGR valve and will have a couple hoses coming off of it to the exaust. It senses EGR flow, and if it malfunctions will cause EGR codes...
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    still lurking in the basement/new motor time

    ah... i was confused there for a bit... lol
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    still lurking in the basement/new motor time

    You live in Nebraska now? also. get that damn car running. you're way too far into it with time and money now... dont be a quitter. :)
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    Parting Out Turbo Car

    And 351cat is extremely happy with the purchase. Good guy to work with, and shipped immediately... Buy this guy's stuff! :D
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    No Start

    does it just not crank, or no power anywhere? Maybe a bad ground to the block? Are your connections to the battery clean and tight? I'd also check the hot wire that goes into the power distribution block, i've seen a few older fords fry that connection and go dead (not necessarily sc's, but...
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    Window Motors

    do they not work at all or do they make a clunk, clunk sound when u try to use them? if they make the clunk sound you can get the gear inside the motor at the parts store for around 20 bucks... just had to do this to mine. :)
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    Parting Out Turbo Car

    selling the headlights? i need some pretty bad. I'll also need the little clips that hold them in... how much shipped to 65738 (Republic, MO)
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    august or maybe september meet.

    I'll be in Lee Summit Aug. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd... I'll be at the Hunter school during the day but wont have anything to do at night... I'll have a co-worker/friend with me that has never seen a nice and/or fast SC or MN12 at all for that matter, if any of you are interested... I'll be driving my...
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    Parts ID Help

    is it the supercharger bypass actuator by chance? only thing i can think of that looks like that... unless it goes under the dash for HVAC mode switching or something...
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    A/C not blowing cold.......

    on r134 systems, on a 90 or so degree day, you'll usually see just above 200psi on the high side and 30, sometimes up to 45psi on the low side... if your system is low, and your compressor isnt cycling, you may have air and/or moisture in the system, causing "false" readings high enough to keep...
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    pushing oil

    sounds like blow-by... or it could be a clogged PCV valve aggravating your crankcase pressure issues... I would start with a compression/leakdown test to see if compression is getting past the rings into the crankcase...
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    alignment troubles

    I second this... when i bought my 93, the drivers side arm end bushing was all but gone and would dive hard to the right under any kind of braking... put all four new bushings in and all is well... also, putting the upper control arms on the wrong side will cause crazy negative caster, they're...
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    89 XR7 SC and 87 TC

    Havent seen one like that before. Looks Extremely clean and the extras give it a kind of classy look. :)