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    Carlisle 2019 Headcount

    Carlisle 2019 Guys I will be there on Friday and Saturday!
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    Trunk LEDs

    Okay guys I know we can buy used truck LEDs but does anyone know how we can replace the bulbs in the trunk LEDs I would love to buy the LED strips but I do not know where to get those Anyone?
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    SC Billet Radiator Cap Cover

    Is this sold? Is this sold?
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    Question about installations of gauges

    Does anyone know the demisions of the space where the OEM lght indicators is installed. I am lookingoing for a panel to house 3 (2 1/16" gauges. Anyone made or bought something for that Application? Thx
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    1995 Tbird LX 4.6 PI Built Motor-Alan Supercharger Kit

    Have you sold the car
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    Official 2016 Carlisle Thread! (BETTER LATE THEN NEVER!!!)

    Carlisle event guys i am going to make it up this year Tim i undertsnad you are nor doing shirts this year. Let me ask do you have any XL or XXL from last year? If so i will take one i missed last year an d i loved the design;)
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    Mandrel exhaust systems 2.5" dual exhaust for late model gas tank

    interested What year was your t bird?
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    Shootout Parts available

    fuel pump is the fuel pump avaliable? If so can you tell if you can ship to Maryland
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    parting out 93 sc 5-speed in ny

    Just the motor how much? If not what do you wang for everything
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    parting out 93 sc 5-speed in ny

    driver side power seat motor does the driver side power seat work? If so i would like the motor from under the front seat
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    Parting a 94 and 95 thunderbird sc

    tail ligjts Can you take photos and PM them to me
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    Parting a 94 and 95 thunderbird sc

    trunk LEDs Did you ever check those LX trunk LEDs? If so can you PM me photos
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    Parting a 94 and 95 thunderbird sc

    trunknLED do younstill have the trunk LEDs for an LX or SC? If so can you pm photos
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    WTB Dash for 90 XR7

    dash i have baught parta from thia site. They have a ton of stuff including dasbords
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    American Racing Rims and tires

    I just got a new set of 18' rims for my T-Bird. I have a set of 16" American racing rims with 80% tread Potenza tires. Everything for $400.00 OBO. Jim
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    Corbeau Sport seats with brackets

    Seats These are real NICE! I which I would have seen these I just got a set of Supercoupe ones reupholstered. Good luck!
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    Cobra brakes, adj. fuel pressure regulator and 94/5 exhaust manifolds

    Brakes Thanks. Would you be willing to sell the brakes without the rotors? If so do you both the front and back.
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    Cobra brakes, adj. fuel pressure regulator and 94/5 exhaust manifolds

    brakes T-bird pattern and front and back?
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    T shirts & cap for sale

    shirts please pm me some photos of the shirts i would like one
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    Carlisle 2015 Thunderbird 60 Anniversary

    i will be there i had a great time last year but this year i plan to bring the bird. Looking foward to it:D Hey is anyone making shirts again for us? If we have any form last year I want another one and of course a new one..