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    Gapless rings and oil consumption

    My motor is probably pushing 20 years since I rebuilt it and has 30k on it. Dropped the block off at coy miller with custom Ross forged pistons and he honed with deck plate. This motor has gone through hell basically being my learning how to tune car. Anyways it has always had oil consumption...
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    90 sc 5sp, anyone know where to get the supercharger bearings?

    Local bearing house is where I always got them. Just use the right speed designation or they won’t last long. I have used rear GM alternator needle bearings for the back of the case.
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    Manual transmission upgrade

    Way back in the day I put a SC engine in my 1994 v6 mustang. I used the stock v6 T5 but converted to the ranger hydraulic clutch because I don’t like driving a dump truck. That poor trans went through hell but held on for years at around 360rwhp and over 400tq. I pulled a lot of timing between...
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    SC is ready for Carlisle

    You guys should come to the CJs pony cruise Friday morning. Don't think I have ever seen a SC there. I just finished getting the car looking decent. Didn't make it a priority to install the rear I built with 3.73s so I guess I'm stuck at 27MPG was shooting for 30.
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    LS style filter regulator any issues

    I see this is a 5 micron filter and aeromotive says it too restrictive for any pump over 190lpm. Maybe ill just stick with the normal return system.
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    LS style filter regulator any issues

    OK so not a SC but same concept. 94 mustang 5.0 engine going into a conquest tsi. Im converting it to in tank 255LPM fuel pump and where the external pump was on the tank I would mount the filter/regulator. Would clean things up a bit using the LS filter and dump the return right back into the...
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    94 SC piston & rod assemblies 30k miles PA 18092

    Had plans for them but after 22+ years I think my plans have changed. Shoot me an offer, would rather not ship. About 23 lbs if getting shipping quotes.
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    Cooling for Angry Bird - compressor spec sought

    Any IAC issues? I skipped threw the 3 pages but it sounded like you worked hard to not use the ECU. The ECU has RPM, Air, friction adders so the engine reacts the same AC on or off. The fact that you are stock engine helped a lot. If you had a cam or other air mods you would have an engine that...
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    Thoughts on a 2013 Focus

    I have a 12 focus se with the dual clutch trans. I have 176k miles on it. They seem to take a water pump around 150-160 takes 45min to change. Mine took a tcm under warranty at 120k. And the shift solenoid went at 175k $2400 for full trans rebuild with new clutches. We have a fleet of them for...
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    Hanging idle

    Every aftermarket TB I played with leaks massive amounts of air past the bearings on the throttle shaft. Have to modify them to add shaft seals to get the leakage to a point the IAC can do it’s job.
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    Over bore ?

    Best to have the block bored and honed to the pistons. So if the bore cleans up with a .020 over bore order your pistons and have them hone the block to final size. Different piston manufacturers will have different piston to block tolerance. Chose a piston that meets your needs -goals. No...
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    What should be my next step in my quest for more power and better drivabiliy

    A little background 94 SC motor best dyno #s were 400 rwhp 450tq. Its been a long time since I have changed anything and I guess I'm getting excited to try something new with it. Things I would like to try and improve are the CAM, Lower Intake, Supercharger Inlet, Tuning, Fix or replace my super...
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    Off Topic Motor Oil Quesiton

    I put rottela 5-40 synthetic in just about everything now days. Seems everything runs better and starts nice in the cold.
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    94/95 Piston & Rods 30k miles.

    These are for sale but I don't know what they are worth. I have been holding on to them for about 16-18 years and for the right price I will let them go. What is a fair price for them? If you want them send me an offer or respond to this post.
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    Forged pistons ?

    First I wouldn't consider the m112 a better blower than the m90, especially if your plan is to overdrive it. Detonated goes a lot further than fuel ratio. Piston design, quench, port work are much more important to me. Why 8-1 compression? That's too low, your throwing away efficiency for the...
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    Rough idle when a/c is running

    Do you have a vacuum leak in the controls? It's odd heat does it that's why I think you might have a bad diaphragm or hose leaking.
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    KAMS not matching

    Bank 1 is lean and bank 2 is Rich. Are you positive she was in closed loop at idle before you made the changes? Most cars with a decent cam I tune for open loop at idle do to this problem.
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    Supercoupe/mn12/fn10 meet at my house Fleetwood pa Aug 14th

    I'm confused tomorrow is the 13th? Post says 14th. Is this now an all week end event
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    Supercoupe/mn12/fn10 meet at my house Fleetwood pa Aug 14th

    I'm planing on coming. If anything changes I'll let you know. Brian
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    Supercoupe/mn12/fn10 meet at my house Fleetwood pa Aug 14th

    Did you live in the quakertown area 8+ years ago? SC powered SN95 allowed?