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    Must sell lost job

    Is the engine still available? If so how much are you asking?
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    89 SC 5spd parting out

    Is this car still available?
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    a/c bypass

    What size belt do you need when deleting the a/c pump
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    Shootout Banquet

    just one for now. Not sure if my dad can make it this year
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    Head Gasket Blown

    1992.197,000. miles changed them after the shootout last year.
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    So who's really going to the Shoot Out - Part Duex

    I'm having issues with my 95, so i'll be running my 92 in the super stock class.
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    Carlisle Registration online

    are their any rooms left at the motel
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    93 SC Sold!

    Is the car still for sale? and would it make a 600 mile trip nc?
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    1992 5-speed Reduced 1500$

    I live in the clt area. Could you send me some pictures.
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    1995 5spd SC in Nashville area

    Please send my pictures.
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    For Sale 1989 White SC 5 speed in OH 170K

    Please send pictures to
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    89 XR7 5sp $1500.OBO SOLD

    Dan i am interested. Please give me your number so i can talk to you. my e-mail is
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    ABS/Brake booster assembly

    I have one with about 70,000 miles on it . It is in good working condition. 250.00
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    sc shootout

    How about the Rock in NC
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    Any SCers in Western NC

    I live in King NC, about 15 miles north of winston Salem
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    SC Shootout 2006 Official Roster thread

    Mod 2 . Dyno tuneing on my new motor this Fri. This might push me into the pro street. I'm going to try to get some 1/8 mile runs before the shootout
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    90sc part out

    I'm parting out my 90 sc - the engine. Car is complete with some body rust. Good abs pump.
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    Return trip home from the in.

    I arrived back in nc at around 8:30 Mon. night.
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    Engine Start Button

    I got mine at advance auto parts. I think it was about 30 dollars.
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    Anyone attending shootout from NC?

    I will be leaving the greensboro area on Wed. for the shootout.