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    Help With Water Pump Removal

    Not very easy As I have removed it twice there is a way to remove it without removing the bracket, you will have to remove all the bolts, thats three, from the alt/power steering pump bracket attached to the heads then remove the nuts and studs from the ic tube connected to bracket top and...
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    92 white sc parting out

    arc actuator how much for one or all.
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    Parts for sale

    arc actuator how much for one or all, and if the interior is black how much for some driver side door panel parts.
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    Parting 93 SC AOD with "Ram Air hood"

    arc actuator / driver side door panel how much for one or all actuators and door panel with all its parts in black
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    Parting out my 93 SC

    arc actuator how much for one / all??
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    Parting Out 35th

    arc actuator also i need a driver side power window assembly not the switch it self but the unit that holds it that attaches to the arm rest, in black.
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    ARC actuator

    I also need driver side power window and door lock assembly in black not the switches but the unit that holds the switches.
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    Get together May 1, 2005

    Hey Chicago land Tbirds there will be a meet at Hooters parking lot in Woodfield/Schaumberg on sunday may1 @ around 1-2pm for Contours, I'll be there with my Tbird, It would be cool :cool: to see other Tbirds show up.