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  1. XB-70

    1995 SC 5Spd 82k

    GLWS.... I think that is a very attractive price point for a rescued bird (SC). Very nice color when new.
  2. XB-70

    Fresh Engine rebuild... Sound like a rod knock AGAIN

    For the same reason, crank pulley w/ 2 broken and bent bolts, I now own this gem. Pity that it sat in an enclosed barn for 15 years for being condemed for a rod knock with 149K miles on the motor. After rescuing it and pulling the motor (intake and blower previously removed when work stopped)...
  3. XB-70

    JBL subwoofer question..

    I have done a few dual voice coils replacements on the JBL sub. Recommend you go the 8-Ohms route. The sub-amp "clips" a lot if you use the 4 ohm (in parallel) and distorts. By putting the coils in series (4 + 4) 8-ohms, the amp will be working close to its original impedance of 6 Ohms if I...
  4. XB-70

    Remind me....does the B&M Ripper shifter require lube?

    LOL... me too. I have one last 5-Spd that needs one. Like hen's teeth.
  5. XB-70

    Remind me....does the B&M Ripper shifter require lube?

    A small dab of a good synthetic grease on the ball of the shifter and socket of the transmission should be sufficient.
  6. XB-70

    The latest with my SC

    Wow... very impressive weight reductions on the SC. And Here's to "Your Health" on the other wieght reduction. Hoo-ah!
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    Both are automatics, and if stock, and are shifting correctly the 95 has arguably the better transmission. Better radiator (if original) in the 90. Driving comfort: Hands down the 90 has far superior seats if not worn out. 94-95 seats are prone to rattling headrests and seat comfort not as...
  8. XB-70

    New to SCCOA, long time SC enthusiast

    Loms1977, Nice SC and welcome back. I have one just like that one, owned since September 1990. Special ordered when I was overseas with the US Army. Colonel Glenn
  9. XB-70

    Mystery Engine

    @SC-AL. I agree that very much looks like a forged crank in that picture.
  10. XB-70

    Mystery Engine

    Interesting and likely an early one? 9K503 indicates it's a 89 engine for a 5-speed configuration. The AA indicates the first version of such. No date on that label is not what I have seen in dozens of these motors. A 'K506' indicates the engine would be mated to an Auto transmission. The 9...
  11. XB-70

    2300 TVS update

    I like Pro Street Rich's strategy.... Now that's the Spirit!!!
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    AZ Super Coupe

    mrjim001: If southern New Mexico is not too far for you... I have a Red 90 SC 5 Speed that runs very good, cold A/C and everything works very well. No moon roof and can be a good daily driver. Shifts very smoothly and has a Ripper shifter. No rust anywhere, and is lowered with Eibach's. No...
  13. XB-70

    UHMW IRS Sub-Frame Mount Kits

    Thanks for the reminder. Yesterday was Memorial Day. Everyone should know that Doug (DLF) was a Vietnam Veteran and also served in the Army's Old Guard (unit that watches over the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier). Only the very best, disciplined and meticulous Soldiers, serve a stint in the Old...
  14. XB-70

    2300 TVS update

    Looks like you're starting your own flock? Heil.:cool: Excellent diagnosis and fix on the "AngryBird" Well done.
  15. XB-70

    Any interest in 2022 Calendar?

    Yeah Jim, I am in for 1 or 2 to keep traditions going. May have 1 or 2 nice pictures for you to consider or toss out.
  16. XB-70

    FS: M90 coated rotors

    LMFAO! Nearly busted a gut. That was Brutal !!
  17. XB-70

    QuarterHorse QH1 and Innovate LC-1

    Jim, Sent you a PM on LC-1 and O2 Wide Band... Glenn
  18. XB-70

    Midwest spring meet head count

    2 more JR. COLs D and G.
  19. XB-70

    New 94 sc automatic owner

    Change the OSS, speed sensor on the output of the transmission. Bad reading will confuse the ECC to shift down. Had a 95 SC Auto with same problem.
  20. XB-70

    Picked up a sweet 95 5-speed!

    Congrats Great find, good looking car. Just like a couple I have owned and still have one. I am surprised that it has the analog cell phone option. Can you confirm the model year code on the VIN? R=1994, S=1995. As far as I have been able to ascertain, the cell phone option was not an...