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    Anyone know of a muffler preferably performance that IS NOT loud? I don't care for loud v6 engines but I need to replace my mufflers but dunno what kind to use the quieter the better in a perfect world I'd like to not hear the exhaust dunno if I'll get that but as close to silent as I can anyone...
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    Head/intake bolts sequence and ft lbs

    Wondering if anyone has a diagram on the bolt tightening sequence and amount of ft lbs for the heads and intake bolts on my 90 SC 5sp the only litature I have available is the Haynes manual which I don't really trust for specific info like that I know I need to buy better manuals but as always I...
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    Head gasket help

    Would one of you fine individuals please look at my photos of head gaskets and tell me what you think I don't see where it's blown so it's really concerning me that I probably did all this for nothing....Humm I can't upload photo errrrr
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    Belt tensioner

    I need to replace my main drive belt and tensioner so I figured I might as well do all 3 but my issue is I can only find a listing (including super coupe performance) for 2 of them I can find the main drive and the one that bolts to the alternator bracket I can't find the bottom one near the...
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    Inconsistent Boost

    So still working out issues with the 90 SC 5sp I'm noticing that sometimes I get betwee 13-15lbs of boost (when the car is running good) sometimes I get over 15lbs off the gauge(running terribly when that happens) it does have a 10% SC pully but any thoughts on what else would be causing it to...
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    Head Gasket Advice

    Going to be doing head gaskets in the next week or so never done head gaskets on an SC anything in particular I should look for or be cautious about or is it pretty straight forward?
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    Desperate need

    So my 97 tbird lx 4.6 auto is loosing the transmission it has a bad torque converter shudder from 3-4 and slips in and out of 4th example would be if your doing 70 and let off the gas it's like you shifted to neutral then when you re-engage throttle it hits pretty rough anyone have a 4r70w they...
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    Weird reactions

    So still tackling issues with my 90 SC 5sp finally got the spark error to quit coming up in stored codes but noticing that under heavy load my boost gauge will go from 15lbs (10% pully) and quickly bounce higher then back when this happens there is a jolt in the engine its very fast of a jolt...
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    Rain water leak behind the dash

    So I am getting water into mhe are where my eec is its not heater core that's the wrong area ( much further the the left where the heater core is) water is literally running into my eec when it rains my question is has anyone else had this problem is there a common "spot" that this happens that...
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    95 SC for sale

    So I ran across a 95 SC for sale the owner doesn't know about this site so I told him I would post it here he would like 3,000 for it I personally belive he would take considerably less it's white and an auto I do not know much about it I do have some extirior pics of it and I've herd it start...
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    Just a moment to say thank you

    So for 3 years I've been trying to solve Alot of issues with my 90 SC 5sp recently replaced the computer amongst everything else this past 3 years just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who's has guided me or taught me or help me understand I'm a long way from finished with it but had...
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    Ecu question

    I've looked all over the forum concerning my computer the number I find on the computer comes back to an automatic but mines 5sp there is one post that looks like it's the same computer just wondering if any one could verify that
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    Head gasket?

    Alright trying to tackle a monster anyone ever seen on a 90 SC 5sp headgasket cause backfire?no antifreeze in oil no water out pipes no smoke replaced pretty much every sensor on the engine I know the head gasket is bad from a leak combustion test but I don't think it is causing the backfire and...
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    South Carolina super coupes or xr7

    Is there anyone in the state of South Carolina that has a super coupe or xr7 not trying to buy it just wanna see some differences from mine to yours as I have no experience prior to this one
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    Thinking about selling it

    90 SC 5sp 35th anniversary edition replaced alot. B&m ripper shifter and alot of other things if your interested call me 8033614503 not 100% I'm ready to let it go but I'm ready to consider serious inquiries
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    Not good results

    Did a combustion leak test.... As the title says not good results.. So at this point I'm pretty sure that the guy I bought this from lied about every single thing supposedly the engine was rebuilt a year before I bought it that doesn't seem to be the case and it's supposed to have a 3:73 gear I...
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    Inside air flow problems on 2 tibrds

    I've got a 90 SC 5sp and a 97lx auto 4.6 both cars have low air flow coming from vents when ac is on heat works excellent on both but of course that's running on thr floor vents not dash. On the 97 I've pulled the dash (more than once) and repaired duct work which seems to help somewhat but air...
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    The correct plugs for small upgrades?

    90 thunderbird SC 5speed what kind of spark plugs should I be running it is mostly stock with a BBK throttle body and 10‰ od SC pully wondering if I've got the wrong plugs in it I belive I put ngk iridium.
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    Rear upper control arm bushing

    My 90 5speed SC needs upper control arm bushings it's the inside as in toward the center of the car near the spare tire well. So my question is, are there 2 bushings per side or just one large bushing? I though it was a bad wheel bearing so I started to pull the rear hub assm. To change that and...
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    Bbk gasket

    Anyone know where to get a gasket for a BBK 70mm throttle body?