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  1. nickleman60

    New platform question

    Can I get an answer please?
  2. nickleman60

    New platform question

    How do I locate all of my pics that I've posted to threads over the years?
  3. nickleman60

    Small Performance Mods for Stock 92 SC

    Rear end gears will really wake up these cars, 3.73's for autos not sure about a manual ratio.
  4. nickleman60

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all of my Supercoupe friends................:D
  5. nickleman60

    Roll call

    Norm, I was looking for the SC's around my area. Around 2008-9 there was about 6-8 of us who used to meet at the local car gathering spot every Sat. afternoon. People have moved or gotten rid of their SC's and have generally drifted apart. I missed those days as being around other like cars...
  6. nickleman60

    Roll call

    Good deal, we need to get the SC's together sometime........
  7. nickleman60

    Remove wiper arms
  8. nickleman60

    Roll call

    Anyone still around here besides me?:confused::confused::confused: My car hasn't changed or move very far in quite a while but she's still with me.
  9. nickleman60

    93 twin turbo thunderbird

    I've often thought about selling mine also Ken, well worth your asking price. Super car and always one of my favorites, good luck on the sale.:)
  10. nickleman60

    WTB High rise hood and lowering springs for 90 SC

    So you're looking for a Cobra R, Ram Air or Cowl hood style. Supercoupe Performance has all of them.
  11. nickleman60

    93 Mark VIII driveshaft & control arms--DS SOLD

    I have a professionally shortened aluminum a piece 93 Mark VIII driveshaft that fits a 94 SC auto for sale. I used it for a while before buying a Dynotech aluminum one. Pics show it next to a stock 94 auto steel shaft. Price is $50, not sure what shipping would be but it probably wouldn't be cheap.
  12. nickleman60

    Early model front end bra

    Fits 89-93 Thunderbirds.............$40
  13. nickleman60

    1994 Thunderbird SC OEM pusher fan and Hayden fan for sale

    I have 2 fans for sale, an OEM 94/95 pusher fan off of my '94 SC and an aftermarket Hayden fan, $30 plus shipping for the OEM pusher fan and $25 plus shipping for the Hayden fan.
  14. nickleman60

    Used OEM 89-93 crank sensor.... SOLD

  15. nickleman60

    Used OEM 89-93 crank sensor.... SOLD

    Bump to the top.............lowered price.
  16. nickleman60

    OEM and aftermarket wheel locks with key

    Cleaned out some stuff in the garage and found 2 sets of wheel locks, one OEM and one aftermarket with chrome lug nuts. Are these needed by anyone?
  17. nickleman60

    1990 35th Anniversary Thunderbird SC 5 speed great shape

    You need a minimum of 10 posts to be able to pm.
  18. nickleman60

    1994 SC auto driveshafts

    I have a stock '94 SC auto drive shaft and a 1993 Mark VIII one piece aluminum driveshaft professionally shortened/balanced. I ran the Mark VIII shaft for a year or so before purchasing a Dynotech aluminum driveshaft. Been in my garage for a few years and it's time to move them on to someone...
  19. nickleman60

    Custom Super Coupe Shirts

    I had this one made with my '94 SC on it................
  20. nickleman60

    Exhaust round 3

    Well there is a solution, not in tank, but you have to sacrifice some trunk space................:rolleyes::D:D