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  1. jleopold

    Need a few parts 94 SC and or a car

    Hi gang its been a really long time since I've been on the boards. I lost my 90 SC about 7 year ago. Well little did I know that my now 18 year old son would have a T-bird as his first car. ( just a little history) Anyway... So... I have a buddy with a 94 SC and he needs to replace the...
  2. jleopold

    Car for sale - Red 90 SC

    Hey guys ... Car is for sale for this week only... backed into a corner so I'm talking best offer over $200.00 I have the title... and its currently registerd... Needs a HG... but it will start and run. Email me if you want it and can pick it up for sure by Friday of this week. Or...
  3. jleopold

    engine rebuild soon need part #s

    Hey Ken... who is Dalke and whats his number... I'm building up my ride too...
  4. jleopold

    Lets Write it Up

    Good call Ken Can we use your car as the "if and after" photo :-) as in "if you do a ton of stuff your car might look like this after " :-)
  5. jleopold

    friendship day!!!!!May 17th

    Sorry buddy ... birthday party for my nephew on the 17th...
  6. jleopold

    My head gasket how-to

    Wow ... now that is a write up !!! SWEEEEEETTTT !!!!
  7. jleopold

    95 Super coupe with 4.6 Dohc

    OMG ! --- Dude that thing is wicked nice !
  8. jleopold

    Lets Write it Up

    Okay ... I can go with that too... TCCOA has the fix boards and it had great stuff... I'm good too if we keep it light... I'm not a mechanic but something like this could be really helpful. I mean I see tons of the same questions on the boards but all at various times and keeping up with...
  9. jleopold

    Lets Write it Up

    that is a great idea... I can do photos too... photoshop them... add call outs etc. I think one of the things that can be frustrating is not knowing the "secrets" for example... I had to fix my brakes and I did a ton of stuff... changed the pressure reserve unit ( that funny ball thing) new...
  10. jleopold

    Lets Write it Up

    BTW... I blew it again racing the car 2 weeks ago... 110mhp in a 20 year old salvage car ... zipping down open Hwy 5 will do it...
  11. jleopold

    Lets Write it Up

    Okay so outside of my Rant to Dan... and only I can do that because he's a NorCal guy and we give each other crap all the time... ( no jumping in on Dan) Yes... I'm good to work on it... seems like a worthy cause and it could turn into a cult classic book or something... Heck Wikipedia does...
  12. jleopold

    Lets Write it Up

    Yep Dan... I mean like pouring a bottle of junk into the engine to fix a blown head gasket so I can keep the car running. Yes... you're right... that is exactly what I mean... I was thinking of just that idea... OH ... and can we get the ideas that are really good... like the ones where guys...
  13. jleopold

    Lets Write it Up

    Hey guys... If this has not already happened... How about we start our own repair book... one where we have the "real" way to fix our cars... From the simple... like how to detail the interior... to the difficult like installing a fuel pump, or putting in a new alternator... I would help...
  14. jleopold

    Can you ?

    Okay so I'm good with that answer. I guess it just looks pretty intimidating when you look at an SC and you have all of that "stuff" going everywhere... my fear is that I pull it all apart and get it back together and blow the gasket again or worse... find out I need new heads and a new...
  15. jleopold

    Can you ?

    Can you put a 5.0 engine in a 1990 SC ? and ... can you do it if you purchase a crate motor... And... is it a difficult job or is it better to fix the headgasket on the SC ?
  16. jleopold

    1990 SC - NorCalifornia Car

    To clarify ..I'm taking offers... I just listed out a few things of possible value to anyone looking...
  17. jleopold

    1990 SC - NorCalifornia Car

    Hey guys... I'm selling my bird and I'm not liking it one bit. I'll keep it simple to save time. California Car HG need repair...typical 4th owner Salvage car ( purchased it that way... didn't really care) - car was in accident but prior owner fixed it up... I bought it because I liked...
  18. jleopold

    Car Show Event... Tracy CA April 25th

    Not a problem man... it was really fun... Oh the Black Corvette won the open class.
  19. jleopold

    Club Meetings Message

    Hey guys... Go to TCCOA ... I have a message thread started there about meetings for 2009 .... John
  20. jleopold

    Cougar for Sale - Northern California

    Car is still available... 1,700 o.b.o ... Still at Ebay too...