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  1. SCTBIRD1173

    4th "annual" fall BBQ 10/26 1PM

    **BLOWS DUST OFF CHAPTER** Hey everyone! Looking to get the annual BBQ at my house going again this year. Right now I'm leaning towards the 3rd or 4th weekend in October. Let me know who's available and what works best for you. Thanks!
  2. SCTBIRD1173

    Just checking in... yes we're still here!

    For those of you not on Facebook... Hi everyone! Sorry it's been awhile, both Joe and I have had a busy later part of the year. We haven't forgotten about the club and look forward to getting together with everyone in the spring, or if we want to have a daily driver meet before then I'm up for...
  3. SCTBIRD1173

    3rd annual fall BBQ, don't miss out!

    OK everyone mark your calendars... Saturday October 22nd from 1PM until whenever for our 3rd annual Fall BBQ meet. This is the meet that put this chapter back on the map and it gets better every year! Don't miss the 3rd annual BBQ at my house, I promise you'll have a good time. This year we are...
  4. SCTBIRD1173

    Meet in April, any interest?

    Joe and I are looking into a meet for sometime in April; wondering if there is any interest and any ideas/preference. The warmer weather is upon us, hope to see everyone soon!
  5. SCTBIRD1173

    October 17th - 2nd annual BBQ at Bry's - West Milford, NJ

    Wow it's almost October already huh...? I'm thinking this time we're going to clean up all my leaves instead of a blower swap on Phil's car... :p :D I hope to see everyone that attended last year and some new faces too. Please bring your drink of choice or a side/dessert. Going to try for some...
  6. SCTBIRD1173

    Labor day BBQ at Johns house (scnut80) pics

    Joe Brauner headed out to Johns and chilled with some of the PA guys; unfortunately I had too much going on that weekend to attend but it looked like a good time!
  7. SCTBIRD1173

    Next meet pending for Saturday August 1st

    Mark your calendars... Next meet is tentatively scheduled for Saturday August 1st. It will be a BBQ at Joe's house in Howell/Brick NJ. You don't want to miss this meet, Joe knows how to throw a party! :D More details will come shortly...
  8. SCTBIRD1173

    So who from this chapter went to Carlisle?

    I know I saw a few Jersey plates out there but I didn't get to meet all of you. Let me know your name, user name, and what you drive so I can make a mental note for next year! :D
  9. SCTBIRD1173

    MN-12/FN-10 'mini' meet at my house - Sat OCT 18th

    Hey everyone! Myself and Joe Brauner will be hosting a 'mini' meet at my house in West Milford Saturday October 18th. This is sorta a NJTaCC resurrection meet but anyone with an MN-12 or FN-10 is welcome! I have plenty of parking so I'm hoping we get a good turnout and some nice group pictures...
  10. SCTBIRD1173

    1990 Ford Thunderbird

    SCTBIRD1173 submitted a new Showcase Item: 1990 Ford Thunderbird Read more about this showcase item here...
  11. SCTBIRD1173

    1990 Ford Thunderbird

    SCTBIRD1173 submitted a new Showcase Item: 1990 Ford Thunderbird Read more about this showcase item here...
  12. SCTBIRD1173

    Crimson Red '94 5 speed *price reduced*

    A close friend of mine is thinking about selling his Crimson Red w/grey leather 1994 5 speed. I bought this car from a Ford dealer back in 2002ish with 94k on it and sold it to him in later 2003 after deciding I only wanted to keep my '90 SC. Car took second in it's class at Carlisle 2003 only...
  13. SCTBIRD1173

    Clutch pedal assembly

    Looking for a nice pedal assembly for the planned manual trans conversion on my Mark. What do you guys have and how much? :) Thanks!
  14. SCTBIRD1173

    This poor unloved chapter... :(

    Hey guys! (and gals?) Wondering if anyone is interested in getting together this year? I don't have the free time Don had to put into this chapter but I really want to get something going and will do my best to make everyone happy. Give me a call and/or email me if you're in. I'd like to get...
  15. SCTBIRD1173

    94/95 tail lights

    Looking for the decklid portion of the 94/95 LED tail lights. (96/97 will work also?) Thanks,
  16. SCTBIRD1173

    Magnum Powers blower inlet

    Looking for a standard finish, non polished, Magnum Powers inlet. PM me if you have one. Thanks!
  17. SCTBIRD1173

    Stock height motor mounts

    Anyone know what name brand(s) make these at stock height? I have alot of connections in auto parts but cannot find a listing on height. I don't remember what brand I'm running now but my SCPI top is rubbing on the hood liner. :( Thanks for any help.
  18. SCTBIRD1173

    What's the ideal gear for 1/4 mile on 90 AOD?

    Building a track only pumpkin for my girl's SC. Wondering what would be good for running out all of 3rd gear at the traps? The car has full engine balancing with ported heads and cam. I was thinking a nice Auburn posi/3.73 setup would be ideal. Any suggestions?