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  1. Payton


    How are you guys all doing ? I am staying home for about a month now, trying to avoid all work. Procrastinating at the finest. Hope you all are safe Dzmitry
  2. Payton

    89-92 Rear window top trim

    Looking for one in decent shape. Mine is all gone. Let me know what you got . Thanks You can email me pics to dbatsiai at gmail dot com
  3. Payton

    Aftermarket C&L MAF for sale

    3.5" inlet and 3" outlet Asking 50$ Contact me if interested 416-703-3671 Dzmitry
  4. Payton

    New president of Ontario chapter

    Hey everybody, Sorry I disappeared for quite some time, but work is too busy, trying to spend some time with the family and all that funny stuff around it kept me extremely busy. Unfortunately, Ive got not time for the club or even to drive my car lately... SO Alan and I met up today for a cup...
  5. Payton

    Trailer needs new home

    Didn't use it much unfortunately. Looking for a new home. Needs the suspension looked after and new paint
  6. Payton

    Thursday club meet at Kelsey's.

    Been A long time guys. Just checking if someone wants to get together. 1620 Elgin Mills, Richmond Hill Make it for 7pm please
  7. Payton

    Weak accumulator ball?

    Pump comes on after every time I press brakes. Is the accumulator getting weak or pump doesn't build up enough pressure? Thanks
  8. Payton

    Brakes are no good

    Don't here my pump running at all. Obviously brakes are hard and useless. What should I be checking beside abs relay or the passenger side? Thanks
  9. Payton

    Club Meet on Thursday Feb 06

    It's been a while since we had a meet. Hope all survived the winter freezes that we had. How about a meet in Richmond Hill Kelsey's 1620 Elgin Mills Road E, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4S 0B2 Phone: 905-508-4139 Will see you guys for 7.30 Payton
  10. Payton

    C&L maf

    C&L MAF, 4" intake, 3.5 outlet. 80 shipped
  11. Payton

    17" front skinnies

    What tires are you running for your 17" skinnies? I just bought Lincoln LS's spares, shopping for tires now. Thanks
  12. Payton

    17" front skinnies

    Need some skinnier rims and tires for my ride, since I've gone to bigger brakes. Let me know if you are willing to part with yours, Thanks Dzmitry
  13. Payton

    HB going south?

    Please watch the video. Is my harmonic balancer caput? Car doesn't start, I've changed the crank sensor, but still get upshift light while cranking ignition Thanks
  14. Payton

    Club Meet at Kelseys Richmond Hill

    1620 Elgin Mills Road E, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4S 0B2 Thursday, May 09 at 7.30 See you guys there Payton
  15. Payton

    FS: 17" Borbet Wheels

    Selling a set of (4) Borbet Aftermarket Rims for an 89-97 Thunderbird (Tbird pattern) Located in Newmarket, but can meet up somewhere. Have some rubber on them, Goodyear. Two are all right, the good years of other two wheel are all gone) Asking 500
  16. Payton

    New Year Dinner at Montana's January 30th, Wednesday at 7.30

  17. Payton

    TIM HORTONS meet on Saturday, Nov 24

    Let's meet up for morning coffee folks at 10 am, Dufferin st and Langstaff, TIM HORTONS, just north of 407 and hwy 7 (north west corner). This way we can talk a bit outside on the parking lot and still have full day Saturday for family, shopping or what ever. See you all there. Payton
  18. Payton

    Club meet on Thursday, Aug 09

    Hey guys, how about a coffee meet for a change? Let's get together at Tim's on Weston and 401 at 7pm on Thursday See you all there
  19. Payton

    80mm MAF, PRB calipers and battery relocation kit

    For sale 80mm C&L MAF asking 80$ . 4" inlet and 3.5" out Stock size 8 rib aluminum crank pulley 120 bucks shipped SOLD 5% overdrive aluminum jackshaft pulley 80 bucks shipped SOLD Front PRB calipers painted red for 80 shipped Battery relocation kit, includes sealed box, kill switch and 0 ga...
  20. Payton

    Coffee Meet

    Tim Hortons QEW & Dundas, has a big parking lot, drive threw or sit in. A good way to close out our long weekend