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  1. J dot Miller

    Just a test

    Test text. Poor Kitty...
  2. J dot Miller

    2018 Cruisin’ Classics Car Show Win

    Hi Guys, It has taken me a while but I finally one a trophy at my favorite car show the Cruisin’ Classics Car Show at the German American Club in Philadelphia. Why do I love this show: You can buy and take a pitcher of American or German BEER back to you car. Food is great. Love the Brats...
  3. J dot Miller

    2016 Eastern PA SCCoA Car Show 23 Apr 16 rain or shine 9:30 AM

    The Eastern PA SCCoA car show date has been set: At MORISVILLE PA on APRIL 23 2016 RAIN OR SHINE 9;30 -3;00 Here is the link to the website. If anyone will like to assist us with judging or parking cars please let me know.
  4. J dot Miller

    Nazareth PA Car Show July 18 2015

    Nazareth, PA – Saturday - 15th Annual Lehigh Valley Thunderbird Club Thunderbird & Classic Car Show at the Nazareth Borough Park off Broad Street, Rain Date: July 19. Registration 8:00 am - 12:00 Noon sharp, picture plaques to the first 200 registered. Pre-Registration by July 2, $10.00 after...
  5. J dot Miller

    1990 Mercury Cougar

    J dot Miller submitted a new Showcase Item: 1990 Mercury Cougar Read more about this showcase item here...
  6. J dot Miller

    Eastern PA SCCoA Annual 9th and LAST Car Show April 26, 2014

    This is the last SCCoA show in Eastern PA! Fast Freddie is retiring from car shows! Finally after running over ten (10) car shows with me He will retire! Without Freddie's support there will be nor more. I simply can not do it alone. So come and enjoy our last show. It will be a DOOOOZIE...
  7. J dot Miller

    35th Anny Floor mats

    I have a set of mint 35th Anny T-Bird mats I can bring to Carlisle this year. They are in great shape. Please make an offer, I can bring for personal inspection, I need beer money! :eek:
  8. J dot Miller

    Carlisle 2013 Olive Garden Attendance & Time

    Carlisle 2013 Olive Garden Attendance & Time Lock-down Thead Ok guys, once again I will arrange the Saturday Night Olive garden dinner. Some times I had a tuff time getting the back room. I must say it has been difficult the past few years because other car clubs want our space. So this year...
  9. J dot Miller

    76 mm C&L MAF issues

    The other day I installed my old 76 mm C&L MAF in my 90 XR7. This is the same MAF I ran in my 95 4.6L back in the 90's with no issues. It has a gold sample tube installed from the factory. When I installed it in the XR7 the car wanted to stall until it was warmed up. Without the tube it...
  10. J dot Miller

    With three M90s what to port and do?

    I have three M90's and one 90 XR7. I am trying to make a plan for next fall. Two of the superchargers I have are 89-90 versions and one is a 94-95 version. Plus I have a raised top and a double IC and fan. Since painting my car is exhausting my funds I need to make a decision. I want to...
  11. J dot Miller

    I can smell my tires from here...

    I am up stairs and yet I can smell my new tires from here. Ah nothing like the smell of freshly made Tires in the morning... :eek: I hope the new 255/50ZR16 BFGoodrich g-Force Sport COMP-2 tires grip as well as they smell on my stock XR7 rims. They get a good rating and I dunno but me...
  12. J dot Miller

    Eastern PA Chapter 8th Annual Car Show: April 20, 2013

    Our annual Car Show is set for Saturday April 20, 2013. We are tired of Car Shows getting more and more expensive. Once again we offer one of the lowest registration prices to participate in a show. WINCKLER'S RIBS AND ANTHONY'S 4 PIZZA 46 WASHINGTON ST, MORRISVILLE PA 19067 all models makes...
  13. J dot Miller

    Getting the XR7 ready for Carlisle 2013!

    It has been 10 years since I started a new project... Time my Cat gets a little grooming... ;) Taking the doors fenders and etc off... A fresh coat of primer after going down to the metal. Jacko to the rescue! Getting ready fro the door skins. A little rust removal never hurt anyone...
  14. J dot Miller

    Sun roof assembly

    I am looking for a complete working factory sun roof assembly, including hardware, rails and motor for my 1990 XR7. If interested, I have a spare 90 supercharger that can be used as a trade. Else, I am willing to purchase the roof assembly.
  15. J dot Miller

    ECRTcc 1st Annual Fall Daily Driver Combo Show: Sep 17, 2011

    The East Coast Rolling Thunder 1st annual Daily Driver Combo show 10am-3pm, September 17, 2011 at 46 Washington Street, Behind Winckler's Rib's and Anthony's 4 Pizza 4, Morrisville, PA.*Daily drivers, beaters, mudders and rat rods will be judged separately from show cars Daily Driver Classes...
  16. J dot Miller

    35th Anniversary floor mats

    I have a set of mint 35th Anny T-Bird mats I am bringing to Carlisle this year. Look me up if you are interested.
  17. J dot Miller

    Eastern PA Chapter car show April 30, 2011

    ECRTcc 6th annual car show April 30, 2011 From 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM The East Coast Rolling Thunder 6th annual car show is April 30, 2011 at 46 Washington Street, Behind Winckler's Rib's and Anthony's 4 Pizza 4, Morrisville, PA.~Big Best of Show Trophy + 20 awards. Rain or shine! Cost: $8 pre...
  18. J dot Miller

    Door lock tumbler swap

    I have two sets of door locks for my 1990 XR7. One set has keys and is not illuminated. The other set is illuminated but does not have keys. I want to swap the tumblers so I can use the keys with the illuminated locks. I have been trying to pull it apart without breaking it but I do nit know...
  19. J dot Miller

    90 SC battery tray

    I am looking for a battery tray (everything but the bottom) for my 90 35th SC. I need the top, bolts, nuts and etc... Hopefully, I can pick it up at Carlisle? :D
  20. J dot Miller

    September car show morrisville pa

    The Eastern PA Chapter is running a car show in September. All cars in all conditions are welcome. Breakfast is available across the street. Lunch available after 10:00 am. A bar is in easy walking distance from the event. Saturday - September 25, 2010 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM, registration...