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  1. CougarXR/7

    Super Coupe spark pluugs

    I have a set of NEVER used Champion "double platinum" #7407 spark plugs for an SC. $12.oo for them all plus shipping.
  2. CougarXR/7

    New dorrman studs.

    I have a complete set of NEVER used new 20 Dorrman front and rear lug studs for a Super Coupe, includes 15 stock lug nuts and 6 chrome lug nuts. asking $ 45.oo PLUS shipping. In the chicagoland area?.....pick them up.
  3. CougarXR/7

    heat sink compound

    I have a never opened tube and applicator of "Heat-away from Aremco products of new york".............this 10CC tube/applicator goes for $115.oo new.............I'm asking $50.oo or best offer. If you change your D.I.S. module on and early (89' to 93') Super Coupe you need to apply this under...
  4. CougarXR/7

    Rear Shock Tower Braces - 2021 other add has gotten 2021 a new add. I will continue to offer FREE SHIIPPING to the 48 states. Each brace includes zinc plated 3/8" fasteners/etc... sticker included. I can leave them in bare metal - in primer - or the color of your choice. Having had our...
  5. CougarXR/7

    17" x 9" wheels and tires

    I have 4 17" x 9" wheels with 4 Nitto NT555Extreme ZR tires. Two P245/40/ZR 17 98W and two P275/40/ZR 17 98W tires. These were my Summer/Track Day tires/wheels. I've sold my 94' SC and no longer need these. Asking $500.oo for them all.
  6. CougarXR/7

    1994 5 speed SC

    After many years and six Thunderbirds/SC''s time for something different. It's one of 722 5 speed car built 25 years ago. e-mail me at and I'll provide you with a full description of the car and related photos.
  7. CougarXR/7

    Rear Calipers

    Ok.....quicl question......will Cobra REAR calipers bolt up/work on an SC?..These calipers are from around a 1999' to mid 2000's Cobra. My 25 year old rear calipers have finally giving up....have little interest in rebuilding them again.
  8. CougarXR/7

    Soaring Spirit books

    Ok..I have two copies of "Soaring Spirit" in perfect never used/read condition. Anyone interested in them?
  9. CougarXR/7

    climate control

    OK......will a climate control unit from a 94' work in a 97'? Selling one and question was asked if it will work properly in a 97'.
  10. CougarXR/7


    Ok.....has anyone every welded a station wagon roof/tailgate on an MN-12? Tempted to try something very different and have some fun with people.
  11. CougarXR/7

    Rear shock tower braces.

    Ok......a "Christmas Special"? will offer rear shock tower braces $60.oo SHIPPED.
  12. CougarXR/7

    2006 SC Shoot Out DVD

    Anyone interested in a perfect condition 2006 Shoot Out DVD?
  13. CougarXR/7

    Power steering

    Ok...….I know it's been done..can't remember the post...…….is it possible to remove the power steering pump, use a shorter belt or add an idler and just drive with manual steering?
  14. CougarXR/7

    Brake lights

    I have a pair of brake lights from a 35th "Anni" and a pair from a 94' Asking $10.oo for each pair plus shipping...….just want them gone..dropped price to help.
  15. CougarXR/7

    Clear Corners

    I have a spare set of clear corners I don't need.....asking $15.00 for the pair plus shipping...….Dropped the price to move them out.
  16. CougarXR/7

    change power steering pump

    Ok.............on an long did it take you to change a power steering pump? was getting the pulley off a real pain?
  17. CougarXR/7

    3.27 Traction Lock carrier

    I have an excellent 3.27 Traction Lock carrier complete with cover and the speedometer gear. I can text pics ( site won't let me download pics). Asking $150.oo for it...............come and get it too damn heavy to ship.
  18. CougarXR/7

    Front strut brace test.

    Well.........I need someone in the Chicago south west suburbs to stop bye so I can test fit a new front strut brace idea. I will tack weld this one and fit to test hood clearance on a stock steel hood. I have a fiber concepts glass hood so it gives me some extra room for a brace I built years...
  19. CougarXR/7

    Rear shock tower braces.

    Ok.........will be building a few more Rear Shock Tower usual they include grade 8 bolts and painted Red. could paint them to suit your needs............Total cost shipping and all is $120.oo For some reason site won't let me upload pics. e-mail me at for pics.
  20. CougarXR/7

    Did you lose the heat/blower motor?

    Ok....if you find yourself suddenly faced with no heat/blower operation........checking the usual higher amp fuses is a must...........still nothing? Ford's infinite wisdom..they tired about 11 circuits to one fuse. Check the 5 Amp fuse in your fuse panel. If it's blown.that maybe...