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  1. supercharged95

    2.5" catalytic convertors

    These were purchased years ago and never installed. Was told they are magnaflow SS convertors and have CA/CE 53006 stamped on them (for you CA guys). $100+shipping from 50327 OBO
  2. supercharged95


    Checking in with the Iowa crew to see who all is still around since it's been a while since any posting in here! Any big plans for the year? I Always seem to start the year with lofty goals so this year I will keep it simple.. fix my transmission leak that has plagued me for decades and have...
  3. supercharged95

    1990 SC for sale in Iowa (not mine)

    Found on Craigslist: 1990 Ford Thunderbird SuperCoop, 56,000 miles. Tires are like new. This is in like new condition, seats , upholstery, etc. always kept in a garage. No rust. Original owner purchased new. $6300.00.
  4. supercharged95

    For those in need in Central Iowa

    Took my bird (which hasn't been running in 11 years) to Valley West Corner Store: Shop manager has a supercoupe and one of the head mechanics has a 97 v8 daily driver. Incredibly Knowledgeable, regular updates and every deadline was met. Went above and...
  5. supercharged95

    94/95 downtubes

    Who wants a basic exhaust upgrade over stock?! 94-95 Exhaust, 2.25" downtubes (from Wynn) to 2.25" Y. $100, local pickup preferred. If you are interested in having this shipped, it will be cut and price will increase to accommodate for shipping.
  6. supercharged95

    Old "new" member coming back around

    I've been holding off on posting this as over the course of time I've waffled back and forth on selling my bird but could never follow through. I've had my car for about 16 years but for one reason or another, for the past 11 she hasn't ran. I made an ultimatum over the summer to get it running...
  7. supercharged95

    Mac CAI and 3/4" top

    Mac CAI- $75 shipped OBO Fast Freddie 3/4" top(there is a fourth gasket, not pictured)- $100 shipped OBO
  8. supercharged95

    1995 Ford Thunderbird

    supercharged95 submitted a new Showcase Item: 1995 Ford Thunderbird Read more about this showcase item here...
  9. supercharged95

    1995 Ford Thunderbird

    supercharged95 submitted a new Showcase Item: 1995 Ford Thunderbird Read more about this showcase item here...
  10. supercharged95

    WTB: Cobra Rear Hubs

    Like the title says, I'm converting to 5x4.5 and looking for a set of hubs. Shoot me a PM if you have a set for sale. Thanks
  11. supercharged95

    Clean Anniversary find craigslist

    Good morning Guys- Found this while browsing craigslist; the car is still up for grabs: 1990 Thunderbird SC 35th anniversary edition. 85,713 miles. RARE!!! $3000. 3,371 Manufactured. Comes with parts car, extra motor, extra blower, extra dash, lots more. Turns over but will not start. Has been...
  12. supercharged95

    Parts for sale (now with pics)

    Had these parts for a few years and time to upgrade. All are used but are in good condition and can email pics. 73mm C&L maf $60 shipped SOLD 75mm BBK modified tb $170 shipped SOLD Fast Freddie top $150 shipped also have a set of Wynn's IC gaskets $20 shipped Open to all offers Thanks, Josh
  13. supercharged95

    wtb: blue sampling tube for 36'ers

    Before I hit up the vendors- anybody out there have this and want to make a couple of bucks? this is for a 76mm unit
  14. supercharged95

    wtb: shorter a/c condensor

    There have to be some aircon/custom made units sitting around collecting dust somehwere. In the process of fabbing up fmic/radiator and a shorter condensor would help quite a bit. Thanks in advance.
  15. supercharged95

    griffin or mike38sc radiator

    Just checking to see if anybody has one before I hit up a vendor.... preferably one for a 5spd as I have a massive trans cooler.Thanks in advance.
  16. supercharged95

    focus cai for sale

    like the title says, focus cai+filter+ elbow if you wish to mount in the fenderwell(plastic piece in fenderwell will ned to be trimmed a little to fit cone) $60+shipping obo
  17. supercharged95

    great car commercial

    sorry if it's a repost (nws due to language)
  18. supercharged95

    95 sc auto with plenty of goods

    1995 Thunderbird SC Des Moines,IA $5000 obo I have owned this car since March of 2001. It has been garaged all winters except 2002 and driven rarely throughout the year.I store it under a car cover in a garage only bringing it out to clean it usually. In the spring time I have always clay...
  19. supercharged95

    iowa guys get first dibs...

    iowa guys get first dibs-pics added- .......................
  20. supercharged95

    3.8 sc engine for sale (with pics)

    about the engine: 1990 with 126,000 miles. the previous owner of the engine tossed it in his car and only drove it a few miles but did see 12-13 pounds of boost. Leaked oil really bad though, so it is quite dirty and needs new seals. it has everything(harnesses/intake/exhaust manifolds, power...