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  1. fstcoup

    89 Manual Transmission M5R2 and parts

    Selling the shifter ?
  2. fstcoup

    94-95 blower and inlet w 3/4” top

    could you give us an email address and your location
  3. fstcoup

    1990 SC

    Looks like somebody got a nice car
  4. fstcoup

    Belt tensioner

    I'm not sure if you mean three belts or tensioners . Three belts two tensioners and yes they're the same
  5. fstcoup

    Separating seat from tracking?

    Four screws in the plastic shroud on the side of the seat then separate the switch assembly and slide it thru the seat. Next two 15MM bolts on the side of the seat, by the hinge where it tilts. everything should be loose now . As you separate the back from the bottom you will see the hook...
  6. fstcoup

    How do you remove Passenger seat with dead motor?

    I'd tackle it from the bottom drill out the bolts
  7. fstcoup

    Big boys auto in Virginia beach

    Justin Doner in Roanoake. Worked on many of my cars while he was in Florida. He's now in Virginia working out of his home. Never had an issue he couldn't solve, exceptionally clean and willing to work on most anything. 813-778-8453
  8. fstcoup

    Polished griffin radiator

    Photos , price please
  9. fstcoup

    46,000 mi 90 Cougar SC

    Orlando Craigslist. Beautiful car.
  10. fstcoup

    Door Striker Help

    Most any auto parts store has them about 8 bucks a pair
  11. fstcoup

    Door Striker Help

    Most any auto parts store has them
  12. fstcoup

    Tokiko Illuminas, Sold stock springs and Teaves system from a 90

    I'm waiting for payment if not done by tomorrow I have others in line.
  13. fstcoup

    Tokiko Illuminas, Sold stock springs and Teaves system from a 90

    The Struts and shocks are sold. These were on a car I didn't drive much, best guess is they're 5-6 years old and have 1000-1500 miles. Nothing wrong with them I put the Koni's on instead. 450.00 Shipped to the lower 48 states. The springs $100.00 plus shipping, they're heavy...
  14. fstcoup

    Clear Coners?

    Ebay Search 1990 thunderbird corner lights. Depo has them for $47.95 Shipped I just checked it today
  15. fstcoup

    Clear Coners?

    Ebay way cheaper
  16. fstcoup

    WTB: 1989-1990 Front License Plate Bracket E9SZ-17A385-B

    If Bill doesn't have one I do.
  17. fstcoup

    17,000 mile 89

    black 89 I hope you get it, drive it home.
  18. fstcoup

    17,000 mile 89

    Tampa Craigslist Black, 5 speed with grey cloth truly is mint and a realistic price ck it out. Be nice to see it go to someone who appreciates it.
  19. fstcoup

    1990 Mercury Cougar XR7 5 speed manual - Selling

    Unfortunately these cars are not as desired as they should be and therefore don't bring the money we would like. Depending on the extent of the rust, and being this car has not been driven in some time and the cosmetics. It's hard to fairly judge the car without seeing it in person but...