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  1. Thomas A

    Drivers Side Manual Seat Track

    Drivers side manual seat track from a 1996 Thunderbird - Direct replacement for any 89-95 SC or XR7. Good working condition; $80 including shipping. PayPal Only.
  2. Thomas A

    35th Anniversary SC Center Caps

    3 SC center caps from a 35th Anniversary; rough shape, will need to be restored; hoping to find a home for them rather than tossing them. $14 including shipping. Photos can be found here:
  3. Thomas A

    Front & Rear Upper Window Trim SOLD

    SOLD Nice used upper window trim pieces from a 1991 Thunderbird. These are used and showing some signs of age and wear, but are still soft and not cracked and pealing. There are a few small "flea bites" along the edge of the rear piece. Pick up in Kansas City metro or I can ship for an...
  4. Thomas A

    New OEM 89-90 Cougar Front License Plate Holder

    New front plate holder for 89-90 Cougar; Part Number E9WB-17A385-AA $50 shipped
  5. Thomas A

    Drivers Side Manual Seat Track SOLD

    SOLD Drivers side manual seat track from a 1997 Thunderbird - Direct replacement for any 89-95 SC or XR7. Good working condition; $80 including shipping - If you want the gray trim panel, add $10. PayPal Only. PHOTOS...
  6. Thomas A

    Drivers Side Manual Seat Track

    Good working order - removed from a 1997 Thunderbird. $80 including shipping.
  7. Thomas A

    89-90 Cougar Grille Brackets

    I've got two grille support brackets for a 1989 or 1990 Cougar that I'd like to sell. First one is in great shape, no cracks or issues; the hardware is a bit rusty but turns freely. $60 + Shipping Additional Photos:
  8. Thomas A

    2005 Mustang Rear Spoiler - White

    Nice used OEM rear spoiler from a 2005 Mustang in Performance White. I did a quick mock up on my 1997 and it looks like it would fit very well, going from edge to edge on the trunk. Might be a fun project if someone wants to mess with it. $50 plus shipping More Photos...
  9. Thomas A

    Soft Brake Pedal

    Wondering if I could get some thoughts on next steps to resolve my ongoing brake issue. 1997 Thunderbird 4.6L SC 4 Wheel Disc, No ABS Symptom: Soft pedal, weak brakes Replaced: Master Cylinder, all calipers, rotors, and pads (verified bleeder valves are pointing up on calipers) I bought this...
  10. Thomas A

    Issue with Tightening Rear Axle Nuts

    So perhaps I am just loosing my mind here or having a senior moment, but this seemingly mundane task of torquing down the rear axles nuts has my completely confused. I've worked on these cars for years and have had half shafts in and out of these cars dozens of times, but it has been a while...
  11. Thomas A

    Anyone have 4.6L Exhuast For Sale in KC?

    Just wondering if anyone might have some exhaust from a 4.6L MN12 for sale? I'm in need of the front portion with the 3 cats; low mileage original or aftermarket? I realize its a long shot but thought maybe would have something laying around. Thanks. Thomas
  12. Thomas A

    1994-1997 Lighted Tan Sun Visors

    Looking for a pair of lighted tan Sun Visors from a 1994-1997 Thunderbird or Cougar without sunroof. I know they used a few different shades of brown/tan, but I'm not too picky on that. I guess all 89-97 would interchange, so open to whatever you have as long as they are clean and the fabric...
  13. Thomas A

    Tan 94-95 Leather Seats

    Looking for some decent tan leather seats (front and rear) from a 1994 or 1995 SC. Would prefer something in the Kansas City region to avoid shipping if possible. I realize this is probably a long shot, but I'm in no rush. Thanks
  14. Thomas A

    Pair of 1995 Super Coupes for sale in South Central Iowa

    Not mine, but thought maybe someone would be interested:
  15. Thomas A

    New QA Front Coil Over Shocks with Springs

    Selling a set of new, never installed QA1 front coil overs with 275# chrome springs. I bought these in a group purchase 10 years ago and never got around to installing them. Asking $650 + Shipping; I might be able to arrange pick up at the Shootout, but they would need to be paid for ahead of...
  16. Thomas A

    NOS Koni Sport Rear Shocks 8041-1202SPORT

    Selling a set of new, never installed Koni rear shocks. I bought these about 10 years ago and never got around to installing them; I've given up on finding a set of new matching ones for the front, and in my "old age" I think I'd like to keep the ARC functionality for the "cool" factor anyway...
  17. Thomas A

    Set of XR7 Wheels - Kansas City

    I have a set of wheels with center caps from a 1989 Cougar XR7 that I'd like to sell; These have been sitting in my basement for several years; I kept them to possibly restore some day as they are in solid shape, but the painted finish is dull and faded. They have tires on them currently, but...
  18. Thomas A

    Pair of 89-92 Stock Center Caps

    $12 Shipped; A few light scratches, otherwise good condition.
  19. Thomas A

    1993 SC in Kansas Pick-N-Pull

    50% off sale starts today through the weekend... located at the Kansas yard; I haven't seen it myself, so not sure what if anything is good. Thomas
  20. Thomas A

    35th Anniversary For Sale 5K Miles Hutchison KS

    :eek: :D!&p=1077425#post1077425