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    What happened to Ed Nicholson?

    Ed moved to Kennedy Ford in Oakville.
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    Head Gasket Advice

    I've done that a couple of times. If you have stock exhaust manifolds, this would be the time to remove the restriction at the exit end. Also, pre-fit them to the heads before you put the heads on. They tend to change shape when you remove them and you need to relieve the forward and aft mount...
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    It's a start I guess

    Cool collection of stuff! When you put the nose back on, put the spring drive in. I put the other kind in the blower that I did (now on the 5 speed) and it rattled from the first time I ran it. Makes boost and works fine but it is noisy. Alan
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    Victor Malvar Spinning wheels SC

    I never got a chance to talk to Victor. My loss. My condolences to Diane and the family. RIP Victor. You will be missed. Alan
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    AC reinstalled on my 91 SC along with a couple more upgrades....

    Dave; I am glad you got a better result from your tensioner failure than I did. I ended up on the side of the road with a dead car and ultimately had to rebuild (thanks, Dave) my whole engine. Alan
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    95sc automatic randomly stalls when at stop or reverse- potential problem shooting?

    I find that with my '93 the rpm will do that. Summer problem. Try opening the windows and turning off the ac. When the ac cycles on it loads the engine. Maybe all you need to do is turn up the idle a bit. Alan
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    Midweek meet. 401 & Weston Rd Wednesday July 1st

    I'll be there. I'm guessing at the Timmies or under the giant flag that is there. Alan
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    Hey, Steve! It is frustrating! The last few meets that were posted were responded to by empty parking lots. Alan
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    Factory Paint Codes for 35th wheels.

    I had a set of wheels painted for an Anni years ago. They were not stock to the actual anni so I had to paint the lip. Paint code that I used was YF Light Titanium. The match was perfect. Alan P.S. What's the deal with the 'random question'? It prevents submission until answered correctly. Are...
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    2020 Mid West Bash update..not a good one

    Rich; You are truly wise to cancel and plan for next year. I have been following the news reports very carefully and don't see it as a possibility for me to even cross the border. I don't think the world as we know it is going to get back to even near normal until the smart science guys come up...
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    i worked up 'til the 17th of April. Our flying has virtually stopped so the company gave me some unpaid leave. I call it practice retirement. I should be back at it by July. I have both the cars back to serviceable again and no place to go. I drove the 5 speed about 15 kms, just to bring back...
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    Moon roof instal

    That's starting to look great! I would be really itchy to drive it if it were in my stable. Alan
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    Auto Show Review

    Great review, as usual, Mike. Did you happen to notice if most of the manufacturers are still treating the exterior lighting as an afterthought? Nissan pretty much invented the concept with the Puke model. Bumps and pimples all over to cover the lights. Stupid, ugly and copied by many. Chrysler...
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    2020 Epic Drive Call outs

    Not on the list? Doesn't Canada count? It would be an epic drive for me to get to the epic drive. Jacob should not throw rocks at people when he is afraid of the rain! Alan
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    Lowering a sc

    Don't forget to change the rear sway bar end links if you put in shorter springs. You need to maintain the geometry of the sway bar or you will bend or break the end links. Alan
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    The ol' girl is at it again

    If your mixture is hunting, the first thing I would change would be the O2 sensors. I had one quit without notice and the car went pig rich and would barely run. The computer is only smart if all the sensors are working correctly. Those O2 sensors live in a pretty hostile environment. Alan New...
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    Who's still out there? Let's meet

    Yah ... Tony is back. He mentioned he would come down with his car. Alan
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    94 gears fit a 90?

    It will change by 10%. 100kph indicated = 90kph actual. I changed the gear in the trans to correct that. Alan.
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    Who's still out there? Let's meet

    When: October 16, 2019 Where: Kelsey's, 1011 The Queensway What time: 7:30 PM I am meeting up with Payton to pass him parts I brought back from the Mid West Bash in Wisconsin. We usually park behind the bank that is on the corner there. Come along if you can. Alan
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    Five things I learned from the Midwest Bash

    Five things I learned: 1. Driving through Chicago during morning rush hour, pulling the trailer with my junk on it, was a treat that my GPS gave me. 2. The toll roads over there have no posted rates. They seem to charge whatever they feel like. 3. Kurt K has expensive taste in beer. 4. The...