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    Nascar 4.5svo

    I have a nascar 4.5 svo engine for sale, 283 cubic inch . Just recently gone threw has about 1 mile on jt . 9000 obo plus the ride It won’t let me upload a photo 239-963—7940 for photos and video thanks Andy
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    4.5 svo heads

    Curious if anyone has any 4.5 svo heads laying around for sale, the pair I got are cracked between two water jackets, feel free to send me a email
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    4.5 svo questions

    Just recently purchased one of these bad boys, it didn’t come with spark plugs what do y’all recommend? And also we’re going to run a mechanical fuel pump as the cam has the centric on it, what’s the best mechanical fuel pump? When I look up 3.8 you get garage results from like advanced auto...
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    Looking for a pair of Svo header flanges. Need to build some headers but can’t seem to find flanges anywhere. Does anyone have an old set of headers laying around? Thanks in advance
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    Testing 123
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    Looking for 4.5svo stuff

    Starting from scratch and looking for any parts like block crank intakes ect let me know if any of this stuff is still available Thanks for your time [ATTACH=CONFIG]69957