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    Making room in my storage, few SC parts

    Hi i need the passenger rear corner all red, driver side trunk led.
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    Making room in my storage, few SC parts

    How much for rear corner all red 92 n up? Do any of the trunk leds work? I need a driver's side 92 n up shipped to ny.
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    89-90XR7's need parts

    I have the rear seats top n bottom.
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    93 Mark VIII driveshaft & control arms--DS SOLD

    Driveshaft Will that driveshaft fit the 94 sc auto? If so price shipped to 11550.
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    Spare parts

    Abs master cylinder Sorry i sold it this week.
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    Wtb 91-92 pcm

    Pcm What is ur # on urs i might have 1
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    Lat model fuel pump housing.

    Fuel pump
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    Lat model fuel pump housing.

    Fuel pump Make offer with shipping thx tony.
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    Lat model fuel pump housing.

    Fuel pump I might have 1 from my 93 sc, I'll check in the am and post pic
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    Spare parts

    abs pump hi i sent u a pm. thx tony.
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    Spare parts

    Abs Yes i have the brake booster and the abs unit.
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    Spare parts

    Brake booster Contact me at
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    Spare parts

    Brake booster Came from my parts car .unit worked when pulled. Make offer.
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    Spare parts

    Hi guys clearing some space in the garage and getting rid of parts i don't need.
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    WTB brake master cylinder

    92 sc i have 1 from my 92 sc pulled it 2 years ago ,unit worked when pulled . asking $250 plus shipping.
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    Exhaust advice!

    94sc I changed my stock cats for aftermarket cats and it is louder when im in car. It's been 2 years since i put them on but since i put it on the road a month ago big difference from my 93. It has headers and borlas with ceramic cats. Im still getting used to them.
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    New Owner in NYC

    hi and welcome. Im im ny. Long Island let me know if u need anything. Thx tony.
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    WTB working power window switch assembly

    driver side window switchs i have some for 89-93 and 94-97/
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    Crank sensor for '89 SC

    Crank senser I have 1 89-93 sc with dis- harness.
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    1994 SC Roller part out

    94 sc parts Rear bumper cover.