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    1993 Ford Service Manuals

    For sale as a set, 1ea. Ford mechanical service manual & 1ea. Ford electrical / vacuum manual. Both are in good condition. $75.00 for the set. PayPal payment only. Glenn
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    89-93 More Assorted Interior parts for sale

    1 rh non-premium sound pull cups, black in color, all tabs in place, VG condition. $25.00 1 rh seat lower seat surround, black in color, no cracks, broken tabs, VG condition. Includes all switches. $35.00 All prices include shipping to lower 48 states. PayPal only. Glenn
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    89-93 Assorted Interior parts for sale

    1 lh & 1 rh non-premium sound pull cups, grey in color, all tabs in place, lh lower tab repaired using plastic weld, both are slightly dis-colored. Can be dyed any color. $20.00 each All prices include shipping to lower 48 states. PayPal only. Glenn
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    92-95 Trunk Lights For Sale

    These are SOLD! Cleaning out garage of some left over parts. Trunk Lights are in excellent condition, no cracks, chips, scratches. ALL LED's work see photo's attached. Will only sell as a pair. $150.00 includes shipping anywhere in the 48 states. Payment by PayPal only. Glenn
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    SOLD 1991 Thunderbird SC 5spd

    For Sale: 1991 Ford Thunderbird SC I'm the 3rd owner. 5SP Trans, Auto Temp Air Cond & Heating. Auto head lamps, PWR steering, windows, mirrors, driver & passenger seats. Passive Seat Belts(still work), Gray cloth interior, Bright Red Clear coat exterior. Polished Alum Alloy speed star style...
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    1 Less FL SC (maybe)

    Well, the enviable has happened. The SC's engine has let loose the other week. Sounds like the main bearings have expired. Contemplating the options, rebuild the short block or just selling the car as is. It has been a good run. Damn, the motor was just getting broken in, almost 300K :D Maybe...
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    93 SC in LKQ yard

    Hey all, Stumbled across a black 93 auto SC in the Daytona LKQ yard this weekend. Not listed on their web site so I have no idea how long it will be there. Black interior, most parts are still there, the Super Charger is missing. Glenn
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    SOLD Alum Rims & Tires F/S

    Rims are in very good condition and fit T-bird lug pattern. They are the same factory stock 16" dia and back spacing. Tires are good for around town, would not recomend Hway driving. Set of 4. Would consider dismounting tires. Would prefer local p/u. Items are located in near Orlando Fl. $100.00
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    Radiator Product Question

    My 91 SC is mainly stock, just looking for great reliability & longevity. I'm shopping for a new radiator and I'm leaning toward all aluminum construction. Out side of purchasing a Griffith, has anyone used one of the following alternate brands (which in the on line photos, all look the to be...
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    Duplicate REMOVE

    Please remove post
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    Wanted : 91 SC 5 Spd ECM

    Title says it all, tag on computer must be marked as follows; F1WF-12A650-AA or AB PM me with price. Can do pay pal. Thanks for looking.
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    SC Salvage Yard Alert

    Hey all, There is a 89 SC in the Orlando LKQ yard, mostly complete. Most of the interior is missing (seats,headliner) it has very good condition front & rear bumper covers. Moon roof car but the switch cover & moon roof is already missing. It is an automatic. As of Sunday, all the under hood...
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    Question for all B & M Ripper Shifter owners

    Ok, I can't be the only one faced with this problem and wanted some input from other folks. What are you all doing when the shifter dust seal goes bad? You know, the one that seals where the handle goes into the trans. I've replaced mine twice and it's cracked and needs replacing it again. I...
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    Sold !1993 sc

    93 SC, Oxford White paint / Ruby Red Interior, cloth seats, fully adjustable driver’s seat. Freshly rebuilt Auto Trans (Jan 2010), Moon Roof. 140,000 all stock miles. Rust free Fla car. Flowmaster cat back exhaust. Cat-less down tubes. Rebuilt blower. Front & rear suspension rebuilt. Head...
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    Out with the old...

    Ok, so this was bound to happen. Since the new purchase, one of the other "toys" must go. So, with that said, the 93 SC ahs been chosen to go. If you know anyone local looking for a good SC, send them my way. She's got 140,000 miles, lots of new parts, everything works, moon roof auto trans...
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    In with the new...

    Hey all, Thought I'd post the new aquisition this past weekend. 1998 Cobra, 34000 miles 99% stock with all the bells & whistles:D Mach 460 stereo, black leather interior. Only mods are high flow cats & flowmasters installed on stock system. Don't know where the gain is there, but someone must...
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    B&M Ripper Shifter Boot

    Hope this is the right place to ask this question. The dust boot that comes with the shifter from the factory, is there an alternative to the factory piece? I've put two on my car and the factory part cracks in a short while. Just wanted to know before I attempt to order a few from B&M, if they...
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    Silver Springs All Ford Show Jan 09

    I received my entry yesterday, sent it in today. Don't wait too long or you'll have to pay :D I want to see just how low the number will be.
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    Upper Pas seat needed

    Anyone have a upper passenger seat material? Needs to be the grey tweed & vinyl combo. See pic for style.
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    Restoration Road

    Well, finally started the repaint of the 91 this week. Should proceed without too much fan fare. Luckly it has no rust to repair (eat your hearts out northern boys :D ) and not many dents to fix. Pics below ammounts to about 2 days of work. Will finish removing the 1/4 windows & mirriors tomorrow.